The Perfect Fan.

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The Perfect Fan

The fans are screaming "ah!! justin we love you"! All brings back memories. Im

13yr old charlie ( girl) Im in a phsychology home why? That a question you might ask. This famous star everyone talks about justin beaver or bieber or whatever. He the reason why im lock up with needles. Ever try to kill a celeberty is not so hard as is seem. It all started in a concert...

Two people from two different worlds. Charlie, 13yrs old, brown hair with blonde highlights, and her wornout jeans, black tang top with a white one on top with Pink bow on her head. The typical punk/rocker girl. 15yrs old Justin the pop sensation to all girl who love purple (gay). Who sing all about girls with his despration. "AH!" fans screaming. Charlie hidding in the crowd when justin is about to finish his last U smile. " ok everyone im gion to announce the lucky fan who gonna go on tour wuth him" sai the stranger.."It's number 17"! Charlie was number 17 so she went up the stage and fake a smile. "congratulation you the lucky winner" He siad. He put his arm around toward the camera's. Later he took her to his tour bus. " okay this where we gonna stay for few days." he siad "a bus how cool'! charlie siad. "welcome, Oh, who this pretty girl" said sam the bus driver. "She just my winning fan" he responded. " My arent you pretty" she said. "thnx" said charlie. While he was giving charlie a tour around the bus. there was 3 guitars near the window and there was bunk beds. t just look like a normal tour bus but evreything was purple. different shades of purple. " yikes did barney explode in here" charlie was thinking. " HI. I'm marcos justin maneger". he siad. He was tall look like he just shaved. " I'm charlie" she said smiling. "Well you guys should get some rest". Marcos siad. Marcos was about 20 or 25 around there. He lay down on the bottom bunk bed. While Sam was driving all night justin was looking at me wondering what i was thinking. "so what you fav song"? justin ask. " yours" i said. " yeah" he siad smiling. I was nervous cuase really i didnt listen to none of his music. "uhh- that should " "that should be me" he inturrupted. "yeah" charlie said. " nice to know" he siad. He started to get ready for bed. He took of his shirt trying impress me. "oh brother" charlie was thinking. He had 4packs guy usaully have 6packs but he had 4. Charlie started smiling. "everything ok" he ask "yeah sure." charlie responded. He try impress her by jumping to the top of the bunk bed. Sadly he failed. He fell and knock down his manager. "ow" marcos screamed. charlie started to laugh it was hilarious for her." uh you didnt see that right, right"? he ask " sure like i didnt saw youe 4 packs" charlie responded. He look away as he turned red. he lay on the bunk bed while his manager had and icepack on his head. Charlie just lay on the couch they had and went to bed.


"Morning sleeping bird". said sam. "Hi,". said charlie while getting up and wondering where she at. "breafest outside" said sam. As chelsea walks outside she see justin manager with a bump on his head from last night. "HeY" said justin. "Morning" charalie said. "you dont remeber what happened yesterday right"? siad justin."You mean that epic fail you had last night" said charlie smiling. "Or that un believable stupidity" said marcos. "shut up marcos". said justin upset. Charlie look what for breakfast seem pretty fancy for breakfest that came from a bus. Sam was cleaning no one seem to help her. "Okay everyone time to go".said sam "where were giong"?Charlie ask. "where giong to visit one the other lucky fans who one the competition from his site." said marcos. "who will that be"? " ashely skey" said justin.

3:00 ashley house

" Here we are". said marcos. It was a big house with three windows in front. The girl was the first one to come out screaming. She had a small poodle with her in a purse. She was tall, Blonde, and Blue eyes. She wearing different shades of pink from head to toe. With a purple scarf. "I can believe your here!" said ashley. " yeah so let talk "justin "okay let me take you inside"said ashley. As we walk to the mantion it had two hudge door. There where gold and silver. Her house look bigger than the outside of her house. Ofcourse she had justin bieber poster everywhere but she didnt until we enter her room but i had to wait outside . Hearing marcos expression from downstairs was hilarious. " so justin how it like having thousand girl chasing you" ashley said getting near him. "yeah but i got use too it"respond justin. "soo" said ashely while moving her arm around his head. "uh ashley". justin said scared. Ashley moves even closer about to kiss him but justin move his head.

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