Knuckles x Pregnant!reader

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I sat outside, my body in the sun while my head was in the shade. I was thinking about how to tell Knuckles I was pregnant. We had started dating a five years ago and we got married just last year. I noticed that I had been feeling different the last few weeks. I decided to check if I was pregnant after getting a bit of morning sickness the last few days. When the test came back positive, I nearly freaked out. I hid the test almost immediately, scared to know how Knuckles would react. I knew I would have to tell him at some point. 

I sighed and closed my eyes, biting my lip slightly. I heard someone walk up and stand above me. I opened my eyes and saw Tails looking down at me.

"Hey, Y/n. Are you okay? You seem stressed," Tails asked.

"I'm fine, just tired is all," I replied.

Tails didn't seem convinced but nodded. We talked for a moment before he went back to house to work on his plane. I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds around me. I heard a strange sound and opened one of my eyes. Shadow stood next to me, his arms crossed. I sighed and sat up. I looked up at him. He stared at me for a moment before reaching his hand out to me. I took it and he helped me stand.

"You should be sitting and laying on something more comfortable," Shadow said.

"I know that, Shadow. I don't need a lecture," I said.

"Then don't lay on the ground. You're five weeks pregnant."

"I know."

Shadow had found out I was pregnant because he saved me from being attacked. I panicked because I was scared that I was going to miscarry. He made me explain everything and I finally told him. He didn't really believe me, so I gave him the test and even took a new test to prove it to him. Now, he went out of his way to make sure Eggman didn't go after me. I have become a new target of his, which was the worst timing on Eggman's part.

"Have you told Knuckles yet," Shadow asked.

"...No, not yet," I replied.

"You need to tell him. That way he can protect you."

"Tired of me holding you down, Shadow?"

"I'll still protect you, Y/n. You are the only person I can tolerate, so I'll help you. I'm just saying, the extra help would be nice."

I nodded and Shadow looked me over. He stared at my stomach for a moment, looking at it confused. I had a rather noticeable bump, forcing me to wearing baggy clothes. Shadow looked around for the others before lifting my shirt slightly. He stared at my bump, slightly confused. He put my shirt back down and I looked at him concerned.

"What? Is something wrong," I asked.

"For five weeks, you're bump seems a bit big. Might just be my imagination," Shadow said.

Shadow, surprisingly, has helped pregnant women before. Plus, he did a bit of research as well. I was both shocked and thrilled when I found out he had experience with pregnant women. Tails also had experience with helping out pregnant women, so having both of them would help me greatly. 

I looked down at my belly and rubbed it gently before looking at him slightly scared. I held my bump and bit my lip.

"It's seems a bit big? Is that a bad thing," I asked, feeling panic rise in me.

Shadow placed his hand on my shoulder, shaking his head. 

"It's probably just me, Y/n. Don't freak out. You are wearing baggy clothes, that might be making it look bigger," Shadow said.

In my head, that didn't make sense. Before I could voice my concern, I heard a faint sound. Shadow heard it too, because he looked around. He had me stay put before teleporting away. I stood there, waiting for Shadow to come back. Suddenly, Shadow teleported behind me and grabbed me. He teleported us to a different spot. A cage landed where I stood and my eyes widened. Shadow stood in front of me, protecting me.

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