Chapter 29

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Sunday 10th of June

Brittany awoke to sunlight streaming in through her window. She climbed out of bed and drew her curtains to reveal a clear blue sky.

"Perfect!" She said to herself. She pulled out her phone and sent Santana a text.

To San [10:16]
I'm taking you out for a surprise date. Be ready to go in 45 mins. Don't eat yet.

She waited a minute for a reply.

From San [10:17]
Okay! I'm intrigued....

She smiled at her phone. Then she jumped in the shower and got ready. She chose to wear jean shorts with a plain white T shirt. She tied a flannel shirt around her waist and slid on her converse shoes. She combed through her hair and went downstairs.

She walked into the kitchen and began preparing some food. She made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - her favourite. She stuck them in a tub and pushed them to the side of the counter. She grabbed a can of Dr Pepper and a can of lemonade from the fridge and placed it next to the sandwiches. She sliced up some watermelon and grabbed the punnet of grapes too.

She went down into the basement and grabbed the Pierce family picnic basket. It was a beautiful basket made of wicker, it had a white and red material lining and a built in cool box. She also grabbed their picnic blanket. She brought them upstairs and packed up the basket with the food she had prepared.


"Hey Britt" Santana greeted as she opened her front door.

"Hi" Brittany replied. They were joined in a quick kiss. Even after the hundreds of kisses they had shared, the simple action managed to tie her stomach into knots and make her heart pound faster.

"Where are we going then?" Santana asked.

"On a picnic! It was the perfect weather so I made us lunch." Brittany answered as she pulled the basket out from behind her back. A smile stretched across Santana's face.

"Wow! That's very sweet of you. Come on then let's go." Santana said as she closed the front door and took Brittany's hand in hers. "Want me to carry anything?" She asked as she saw how heavy the basket looked.

"I can manage. Thanks anyway." Brittany replied with a smile.

The girls walked to the park, they spent the whole journey swinging their linked hands and chatting about glee, the Cheerios and their plans for the summer.

Once they reached the park Santana had stopped (assuming they'd sit in their usual spot) but Brittany continued to walk.

"B, where are you going? We always sit here." Santana questioned.

"Just a little further, I have a plan." Brittany assures her. They walked a little further and jumped through a hedge to come to a secret garden. It was surrounded by hedges so no one could see them. The garden was full of flowers and had a little pond to the side. It was beautiful.

Santana stopped in her tracks when she took in the sight before her. She didn't know this place existed. "Woah! How did you find this place?"

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