45 - The Licensee

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Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

While I was in the hut, unable to sleep because of my worry over where Amor was, I recollected an incident that happened the previous day's evening. While I recollected that incident, I could hear the sound of rain outside the hut.

There was something that puzzled me about the village chief. When I tried to run down the slope of the hill to the "forbidden" rainforest, to search for my dog, he threw himself in front of him and told me not to go down. He was telling me something in his language. When he told me that, Luismar wasn't around to translate. She and Pablo were near the river bank where we disembarked from the canoes, searching for Amor.

I couldn't understand any word that he told me when he threw himself in front of me. All I understood was that he was warning me about the forest. Not wanting to fight with the chief, I didn't descend the hill. His eyes had the look of terror when he was pointing to the forest and telling me something in Aymara.

My thoughts about the chief's words were conflicted. One part of my mind was inquisitive about what the chief was worried about. Another part of my mind dismissed the chief's fears as those of superstitious myths. The tribes and indigenous people of Bolivia have been in Bolivia before people like me (Bolivians of European descent) arrived after the arrival of the first conquistadors.

Being here for a long time, they have plenty of myths and legends about demons and creatures like the Chupacabra.

Kirt Heinrich

When I was asleep, I was rudely awoken by the rain wetting my head. Waking up, I saw that even in the rain Amor didn't leave me. He wagged his tail and snuggled up close to me for a pat when I woke up. I patted him. He began licking me. We both watched the sky until it stopped raining. When the rain was over two hours later, both of us fell asleep.

Shifaly Udawatte

8:30 a.m

The new set of friends from the States that I met when they rescued me from the river have been such a consolation to me.

Even though Avanthi's death was still fresh in my mind, the panic attacks that I've been having have gradually reduced, thanks to the company that I found in these friends who rescued me.

More than any of the girls on the bus, I felt more close to Catherine Newcastle. She was on the bus with us, when we were stranded on the river. Catherine and I got along well. We both were studious. We both were fans of BTS: everyone in BTS was our favorite artists. Catherine is a mysterious and quiet girl. If a guy ever dated her, she was like that book of mystery that he must read through page by page to learn about, with new mysteries popping up in every chapter.

The only person besides me whom Catherine was comfortable to hang around with was AnnSophia Fabron.

Looking from my capsule window, I could see the boat floating on the water, tied to a railing. The bus which we were on had the steering on the right side like steerings in Sri Lanka, Britain, and Ireland (when looked at from the inside). It wasn't on the left side, like how steerings usually are in Qatar and the rest of the world.

Tom, Timothy, Rhett, Alice, Hernanda, and AnnSophia were discussing what they should carry with them on their way out of the bus. I didn't take part in their discussions. Catherine Newcastle was with me while they were discussing. Catherine, as usual, just stayed away from any decision-making role. She always loved to follow rather than to lead. She liked to be in her world.

Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

12:30 a.m

After waking up from sleep at 6:30 a.m that day, my teammates and I searched the village for Amor once again but found no luck. At 8:30 a.m we boarded the canoes and journeyed towards the point from which my team and I could use our jeeps to drive to our command center in Las Taperas. I wished we could have stayed longer in the village, searching for Amor, but I couldn't do so. I had to return to the station to investigate the case of the accident and countless other missing cases. The law favored human lives over animal life.

By 12:00 p.m, I reached my office and by 12:30 p.m, I was waiting for my peon to bring my lunch. I was so hungry after the journey to the forest that I wanted to eat a lot of food. After a wait for food, the peon brought my lunch: Silpancho. It's a dish from Cochabamba. It's beef served on top of rice, accompanied with some potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. On my request, my peon brought a large quantity of the meal.

Ximanthiseptirum, according to the Ministry of Health's files was a drug that induces semi-consciousness and makes one see hallucinations if consumed by humans. In animals, it induces unconsciousness. Because terrorists used to use Ximanthiseptirum to torture their victims, the government banned Ximanthiseptirum, making it only available to licensed researchers through licensed dealers. Pablo discovered that the the licensee closest to Roboré was a certain Quemado Corporation.

Timothy McAllister

3:30 p.m

We decided that we were only going to carry two fishing rods, and the long rope with us. As for clothing, we decided that we would only take that which we could stuff into our knapsacks. We couldn't do multiple trips to the bus so a lot of us had to sacrifice the possessions that we couldn't take with us. We only took our knapsacks with us. We didn't take any other type of bags with us.

Using an oar that we found on the bus, we rowed the boat on two trips. By 4.30 p.m we all were safe on the bank.

Once on the bank, we bade farewell to the bus before it disappeared out of sight, as we walked along the bank upstream.


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