Chapter 13

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Recap: the knife is gone no evidence is left to connect Suraj with the murder.

Chakor was happy, she sighs of relieve as soon as the inspector left, she wasn't alone even Laksh and Karan were relieved.

"Bhai now you are save." They hugged him from back and he frowns, "leave me." He said a bit annoyed and Chakor smirked, "okay then hug me."

Suraj stood there as a wall, "don't you dare!" He warned them and they smiled keeping him in a hug.

The trio, Deep, Sid and Ajay were back at the colony waiting for them, "we have to keep an eye on Chakor, it's not safe for her to work further."

Ajay shook his head, "Suraj hasn't stopped her cause he knows he can't afford her anything, we need a big fish to get them out of here."

Chakor broke the hug, "I have to change my clothes, I'm getting late for the work. You three please look after yourself and the others, don't get into a fight or anything like this. You have to stay out of everything." She tired to explain him that it's the moment to keep a calm mind.

"The evidence of the night are gone and won't comeback, now you need to focus on your next job. I don't know what your contract giver will do, if you won't complete his work." She was scared for all of them.

Suraj shook his head, "nothing, he won't neither he can do anything. The only thing he will do is, not paying us the money, because we haven't done the work." He lowers his head, "it was our chance to get fast enough money to survive for a long time. I failed."

Chakor cups his face, "you haven't failed. Neither one of you did." She wasn't judging them, but explaining it that there are unpredictable situations they can't foresee them.

"Let's Go, the others are waiting for us." Suraj said and Chakor holds him back, "even I'm coming won't you wait for me?"

Suraj smiles, "I'm waiting, you both go."

LarKar looked at each other and then back to them, "Okay." Having a big smirk on their faces, they left and closed the door.

Suraj just shook his head, "you get ready I'm waiting here for you. Don't take much time." He said sitting on the bed thinking how to get the needed money.

Chakor took her purse and shawl, "Suraj, I'm ready." She said and he just looked at her, "simple." He said and she nods, "as always." She forwarded her hand and he took it, both locked the door and left from there to the colony.

Laksh was sitting on the ground, he has a wood stick in his hand and was drawing a house with two persons, "Suraj and Chakor." He said and Karan nodded, "but where are we?" He asked and Laksh looked at him confused.

"Array here." He points on the chest of Suraj and Chakor, "heart better than this house."

Deep hits them from the back, "what are you both doing, huh?" He frowns at them and they shook their heads, "nothing."

Chakor bend down, "here," she took the stick and added another part of a house on it, the roof become bigger and larger, she even width it, "here you will live, of course there too." She handover him the stick back and left to her work.

Ajay glares at him, "Suraj stop her doing this job, she will never be out from there, she needs to be protected which not possible inside the brothel."

Suraj sat next to him, "I can't forbid her."

"You can if you marry her." Deep said waiting for a response.

"Good idea, make her to the target and the weakness of us." Sid said in anger making all aware that she has become a weakness.

"But bhai, you just ask her to stop selling herself na, just for the time we find a solution." Karan said and Laksh nods with his head not looking at them, "yah, she shouldn't do it, it hurts and you feel dirty all the time."

"I told you I can't forbid her, but I can tell you she has decided to stop it. She told me she won't sleep with another man, but keep working there as a dancer. Who of her John's has the gut to go against us?" They looked at him, "she told you that?"

Suraj nodded, "last night."

"Suraj I want to tell you something."

"What is it Chakor, do you want to call him Beta?"

She laughed, "no, he is baby."

He hold her tight, "say I'm listening."

"I will not sleep with another man, ever since I shared it with you, I don't want anyone else. This job is a need of mine, I will keep doing it as I need the money, but there are other ways, like dancing or serving. I won't leave you."

"Yes, she said she won't be sleeping with another men's."

"Well this is a good decision, but will they agree?" He shows to the brothel.

"They have to or they will lose their guards." Laksh said and they looked at them, "she is Bhabhi priority no compromises."

Suraj took a deep breath, "we need to complete our work, the son of the minister is still alive." He made a fist, "if I had killed him then we would have a better life, we would have been accepted as killers / assassins, but now it will take again a lot of time to get a good offer."

Sid places his hand on Suraj shoulder, "nothing  is ruined yet, the offer is still on."

"Haan Suraj, we got the information, there is a news, whoever will kill him will get the money, but unfortunately the security has been increased." Deep said and Ajay looked at them with an idea.

"What?!" They asked him and he smiles, "Chakor?"

Suraj fumes, "no!" He stood up in anger, "she won't do anything."

Fight between them or is there another thought?

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