Chapter 34

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Zhou Min didn't inquire further since she could feel those matters were bloody and dark. Anyway, what did that have to do with her? She only needed to know who was the mastermind that causes Lan Min's demise.

"I heard there was a major event concerning the marshal stationed at the border. Imperial Brother, who are you going to send to replace him?"

Lan Ziyu took his time to answer. "I already arranged it. You need not do anything, just stay by my side. Don't concern yourself over the rest since there is me..."

"Are you sure?" She frowned a bit as she couldn't help but worry. She remembered during the time Lan Min died, the male lead's power and influence at court have eroded through the female protagonist's painstaking efforts. Aside from that, on the day of her death, Lan Ziyu met with assassins while outside. Although he survived the attempt, he was gravely injured, a first-ever since he sat on the throne. Even after his life was safe, his health never recovered to its peak. At present, there was no female protagonist to cause him harm since she couldn't be more dead. Yet, Zhou Min noticed that the major events followed the same course unchanged as if the male lead's bad luck resulted from a deeper conspiracy.

Unfortunately, she couldn't let him know about her worries since it was impossible for her to explain without revealing her secrets. Therefore, she lifted her head and gave him a faint smile, acting her role as his sister. "I know. I believe Big Brother will protect our Lan clan's empire!" She voiced out Lan Min's most cherished wish. Zhou Min had guessed that on the day Lan Min died, she would also leave this world.

As long as the male lead can get through the ordeal on that day, his life would be smooth sailing from then on!

Lan Ziyu hugged Zhou Min tightly. "Yes. I will protect our empire!"

It's only by protecting this empire that I would have the power to safeguard you. I will fight for this land because you are here; You are my reason and my everything!

Zhou Min nodded at him, but her exhaustion made her nestled in his embrace as she slumbered. He watched her asleep in his arms. His gentle gaze watched over her, then he hugged her as if this act would bring her closer into his world. Finally, he enjoyed that moment of serenity with the impression that nothing could be more beautiful than this instant.

Lan Ziyu held his lover tenderly and printed many gentle kisses on her cute and reddened face.

His slender fingers massaged her tenderly, easing the physical exhaustion he had caused her. Distress aroused in his heart when he saw her bruised and hickeys-dotted skin.

His fingers drifted on her skin, trailing down lower until he reached her lower abdomen. He massaged that part with great attention, using the right force to make her comfortable. At times, one of his hands would trail to her thighs, giving it a good rub while the other one continued to knead Zhou Min everywhere - from the shoulders to her back, from face to her hair.

Zhou Min was still muddleheaded from oversleeping, coupled with Lan Ziyu's great massage techniques, she let involuntary gasps escaped from her cherry lips. The sounds were sweet enough to heat up anyone's desires and rendered them powerless. Ah~! How comfortable... So good... Ah~ I feel like my soul is flying away...

He chuckled and shook his head with a pampering look when he noticed her tired and enjoyable look that gave no heed to her image. He bent down and nibbled on her earlobe before blowing into her ear. He shuddered with satisfaction as he felt her skin against his. He let out a quiet whisper, "My dear imperial sister, you are my world..."

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