Chapter 110

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Jonah could hear the sound of fleshes, pounding against each other, the desperate moans of a woman on the verge of σrgasm, and smell the scent of endorphins released during sεx. He leaned against the door and debated whether to open it or not.

Jonah couldn’t hear Zayn’s frustrated grunts. He glanced over his shower at the cloaked human. “Come in when I tell you to,” he ordered.

The girl said nothing.

As Jonah expected, Zayn was between the thighs of a beautiful redhead with enormous breasts.

“What do you want?” Zayn asked, still busy fucking the brains out of the redhead who had her legs wrapped tightly around Zayn’s waist, moaning and trembling.

Jonah could smell her previous σrgasms in the air. He surveyed the room quickly, and counted twelve dead bodies in total. He noticed a familiar face: a tanned girl with beautiful plumped lips and heavenly perky breasts. Jonah sighed, she gave the best blowjobs. “Dude, how many of the women in the palace do you plan on killing? You’ve been back for day, and the body count is already 31.”

The King ignored his favourite advisor; one of his hands removed themselves from the redhead’s hips, and placed it on her cheek. “Who is your King?” he asked.

“You are!” The redhead moaned. Her breasts bounced violently as Zayn sped up his thrusts. Her moans became louder, and the King knew she was on the verge of another σrgasm.

“Who do you belong to?” Zayn roared, and his thrusts became more violent.

 “Y-you… I belong to you my—” before the redhead could finish her sentence, Zayn ripped her head clear off her shoulders and threw it across the room in a moment of fury.

“I don’t think all the sεx are helping your mood,” Jonah laughed, narrowly dodged the flying head. “I mean, you’ve had thirty one hot maids so far, and still no release?”

Zayn had pulled himself out of the redhead’s body and wrapped a robe around his naked body before Jonah finished talking.

“No,” the King replied in a deep and annoyed voice. He dashed across the room to the bar and poured himself half a glass of scotch.

“Sεx, good liquor and mass murdering, your three favourite things, come on mate, cheer up! I have a bottle of 300 year old Dalmore hidden away in my room, want to crack that open and I’ll order you a hot bitch with a nice ass from Sanguis Puella?”

“I do not need a whore,” Zayn growled.

“Hey, I run a legit business! Sanguis Puella is a sophisticated bar, who offers vampires hot human women and men, available to drink from, and occasionally have sεx with. But it will dent your wallet, trust me, my goods are beyond overpriced.”

Zayn said nothing and gulped down the scotch. The warm liquid brought a familiar buzz to his system. It relaxed him, and distracted him from Evelyn and the hole she had torn in his chest.

“When is she coming back?” Jonah asked

“Whenever she wishes to.”

“So you’re just going to let her stay in the city whilst you’re here, suffering? Order her to come back! Why are you allowing that bitch to hurt you like this? Bring her back and take your release from her!” Jonah half shouted. “You can’t torture yourself like this just because of a girl! She’s nothing, and you’re the King of this planet!”

“She needs her freedom,” said Zayn. “I have to let her breath, give her space.”

“Her happiness comes at the cost of your pain.”

“And my happiness often comes at the cost of her pain as well… I can’t be selfish; I have to give her space. She deserves happiness as well.”

“She’s human, she deserve nothing, Zayn!” Jonah argued.

Zayn didn’t reply. Instead, he simply poured himself a new glass of vodka.

Jonah watched his maker with worried eyes. He had never seen Zayn this way before. This was not how the man who had the world at his feet should behave. Jonah was almost tempted to throw a few punches at Zayn to knock some senses into the heartbroken King, but he resisted.

“You should call Evelyn back, aren’t you worried she’ll go back to Ashton and Luke’s apartment? Luke will tell Evelyn you killed Ashton.”

“I gave orders for guards to publically follow her everywhere she goes. If she knows she’s being watched, she won’t dare to go anywhere near the Royal Lilac. Plus, Luke wouldn’t be there to tell her anything. I heard from my spies that Luke is already on his way to Australia, to find Kainsius no doubt.”

“Are you sure she’ll know? She is pretty stupid,” Jonah snorted. His momentary act of impulse earned a violent reaction from Zayn.

One second Zayn was standing by the bar, downing a full glass of vodka, the next, he had thrown the glass onto the floor, and his hand wrapped around Jonah’s throat. “You dare speak of Evelyn this way? She may be a human, but she is still your Queen!”

“She’s not my Queen yet,” Jonah hissed. He had never kept his hatred for Evelyn a secret. He knew, from the very beginning she will be trouble, and his instinct was right.

Thanks to Evelyn, Harry was locked up in a dungeon and out of Zayn’s good graces. Zayn was living in a constant hell, mending his broken heart with sεx, alcohol and killing sprees. Jonah hated Evelyn for everything she had done to his two best friends. All Blackburn women are fucking trash, Jonah thought. She and that Alice bitch. Cheating, ungrateful, dumb trashes!

Zayn released Jonah, but the burning rage in the King’s eyes did not lessen. “She will be, one day, soon enough. She will be your Queen, I will make sure of it.”

“Good, but don’t expect me to show her any respect until she learns to show you some respect.”

“She will learn,” said Zayn. “I have eternity to teach her to respect me. By violence or by love will be her choice.”

Jonah sighed. “Love causes so much trouble. I’m so happy I’ve never been in love.”

“A life without love isn’t a life worth living,” Zayn whispered and silently added, trust me, I’ve spent my whole life living in loneliness. Not all the money in the world can overshadow the beauty of love.

“Anyway, I’ve brought you a little gift…”

“I don’t want it.”

“You don’t even know what it is!”

“Another whore, no doubt. I’ve already told you, I don’t want some whore you scooped off the streets who will sleep with anyone for half a penny.”

Jonah smiled. “She’s actually here for free. Come on in Nora, show respect to your King!”

Zayn froze for a moment.

“Since the one you love won’t have sεx with you, why not take your frustration out on her sister? They look enough alike. You're welcome”


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