Part 11

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Guys plz keep patience I've  many things to do before he knows truth of shavi. Bcz if he won't see with his own eyes then how will he feel her pain.and although it's just 10 chappies and u wanted me to bring  distraction. So plz keep patience and let me write what I've saved for u. And more ever one more thing I wanna clear. Anika is not angry as he had left him like thisn. There is a some reason which I'll reveal in a flashback. Anyway sorry for taking ur time now let's start.

Anika reached in her cabin and welled up in tears.

Ani. He says I trust him and tell him everything. But how can he forgot  that day when he had broke my trust and believe on that tia. Today he is trying to come closer to me. But he don't know his these entices are piercing  my heart. I wanna run away from here but not able to do it bcz is my financial problems. But day by day he is affecting me a lot.  When he comes near me I felt like to rip off my heart who start beating fast to feeling him so near me.  I know that after seeing me he wants me in his life back. But u can't go back to him. I can't forget that humiliation which he had did mine infront of whole college. She sobbed and hide her face between her legs. Suddenly she came out from her thoughts when she heard phone ringing. She got up and took it.

Shiv. Anika it's lunch time so come in my room I've ordered everything.

Ani. No thank u. I'll have with other people don't need to make me feel awkward here.

Shiv. Anika u r not my employ. U r my friend.

Ani. I'm ur employ only in ur house as well as in ur office.  So be professional don't need to come near me bcz people are making hype about us.saying this she cut the call without letting him speak.

In shivaay's cabin

He got angry and threw phone in anger.

Shiv. What she think to herself.  How can she say no to me.  Fine she don't wanna eat with me in room and wanna eat with others. So I'm also sso I'll do go there where will she go.  He flick his hair and left outside.

He reached in canteen and didn't find any trace of anika.

Shiv. Where is anika Ragini

Ragini gritted her teeth but she controlled her anger and said she don't know.

Shi.  O so she lied to me. How could she do this.  Now look how will I take revange from u. He smirk and left for her cabin. 

In Anika's room

Shiv. If u r not hungry miss Anika and not mood to take break. So can u come in my cabin. As I've some work.  Anika nodded and left behind him.

Shivaay set on his chair and look at her face.

Shiv. So u don't like to sit with me. Anika didn't answer.

Shiv. That's fine but now I've decided u will work in My cabin. For a second I won't let u to go anywhere.

Ani. Why , why will I do work in Ur cabin when I has mine.

Shiv. I'm boss so u have to do what ever I'll say. Did u understand. Now shift all the things in my cabin now.

Ani. U can't force me like this. Infect I don't need ur job also. What u think u will force me and I'll live with u. Then it's ur assumption mr oberoi. I don't like to listen someone orders. I'm going and will find job another place but won't work with u.

Shiv. Go ahead but can u read this paper for me.  Anika frown and took paper from him. But next second she widen her eyes when she read latter.

Ani. U can't do this mr oberoi

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