43 - The Miracle

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Kirt Heinrich

8:00 p.m

The diarrhea ceased, but the fever continued. I managed to find a little strength, with which I propped myself up and sat near a tree, somewhere far from the beehive. I was weak. I didn't have the strength to hunt one of the rodents that scurried on the floor. Neither was I a bear to drink honey from the beehive. Besides raging hunger, I thirsted for water. Diarrhea accompanied by a regular flow of urine drained all the food and water inside my body. Looking at a snake that was going back to its hole, I wished that I somehow got food. I wanted to cry but there wasn't enough water in my body for tears to form. Moaning, I sat by the tree. The sky had turned dark after the sunset. I only wished that a jaguar wouldn't come and eat me alive. I had no strength to fight anything that wanted to eat me.

Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

9:00 p.m. The Day I Visited The Tribe's Village

"Señor Capitán, No se preocupe. Encontraremos su perro," assured Pablo and Luismar, after looking at me get worried and stressed about my dog Amor's disappearance. They told me not to worry because they would help me find my dog. Even though killing Caimans was illegal, if I learned that one of those monsters killed my dog, I would have gone and shot them. Amor was like my baby. I couldn't bear his loss. I scoured through every hut in the village more than once and asked the same people the same questions I asked them about my dog over and over again. My blood pressure was rising. I wanted to see my dog. The dog had been a great comfort to my son Nacho. How could I face Nacho and tell him that his dog Amor died or that his dog was lost?

After a long search, finally, we found one lady who said that the last time she saw Amor was when Amor grabbed a cloth bag of food that she was preparing for her husband. When she got out of her hut to chase Amor, Amor wasn't to be seen. He had taken the bag of food and disappeared.

Kirt Heinrich

As I lay depressed with my head against the tree near which I sat, I was woken up by some beast licking my face. I got scared because I thought it was a jaguar or cougar wanting to eat me. But soon I realized that the licking was not the licking of a predator that licks its prey. It was filled with love. I opened my eyes and saw that it was a dog with a cream coat that was licking my face. The dog kept licking me. In that hunger, there was a part of me screaming that I should kill the dog. When one is hunger, their mind loses sanity. With great struggle, I overcame that temptation and hugged the dog. It was wagging its tail. I patted it. It barked in happiness. Then it left me and ran back to the forest. I thought it was just a hallucination. Just when I thought that it was a hallucination, it came back to me with a cloth bag in its mouth. After coming close to me, it dropped the bag and began wagging its tail. It barked as if it was telling me to do something. With my last reserves of strength, I opened the bag. It was what I was looking for. It was a lot of food in the bag. I was going to eat that night! It was a miracle! I hugged the dog and cried in gratitude, even though tears couldn't flow through my eyes. In the embrace, the dog licked my face as if he was telling me, "Now that I'm there, all is going to be okay. Don't cry human. I'm there."

Taking a few handfuls of the food the dog brought me, I began eating.


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