*1* - Theres a possibility...I want you back.

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Hey guys just letting you know that this is just the epilogue from the first book. But the next chapter will be coming really soon :D

Chapter 1: 3 years later, Milan.

"No I said I needed two metres of the apple blossom silk, it's ok I just really need it for my end of year exam yep bye" I hung up my phone while I walked to my Lamborghini in the parking lot of the university.

I've been going to Milan's finest university of fashion and arts for two years now and I'm in my last year there. As soon as we had moved to Paris, my aunt was working and Luca was doing his own thing god knows where, I still hadn't exactly forgiven him for the whole Jessica thing but we at least talk on the phone on a daily basis. After 5 months of living in Paris I had mustered enough courage to show my designs to the designers of Louis Vuitton, they saw that I had great potential and agreed to sign me up to produce my clothes in their collections after I studied and received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

So I decided to move to Milan and study there now I was three months away from graduating and becoming a fashion designer. I still kept in touch with Bec and the other girls from school but I hadn't heard from Julian in since I left his house the day we were told we were moving to Paris. I don't know if I will ever go back to the United States unless I had to do a show.

I've often dreamt of being back at my old house in California and seeing Julian there and still having that same puffy eyed expression he had when I left on his face, which always caused me to wake up and start crying for ages. What made it worse was that sometimes it would happen while I was staying over at my boyfriend Jakes house and he would always ask me what the dream was about and I would have to lie and tell him it was the nightmare from the car accident which took my parents lives and I hated lying to him.

Jake and I met at one of the close by cafes he was originally from England but he was in Milan studying to be a neuro surgeon. We have been going out since last February and it was currently May, so we were pretty serious. I pulled into my little apartment which aunt Laura helped payed for I made my way in to my room and decided to take a shower seeing as how Jake was coming to pick me up in about an hour and half to go out for dinner.

Julian's POV

Finally the plane had landed after a seriously long flight and I stepped off it glad to not be feeling so claustrophobic. I grabbed my only bag which was a small hand luggage and headed towards the doors which led to many different taxis waiting patiently to pick up some new comer such as myself. I jumped into the nearest taxi and told him the address. I sunk into the soft seats and thought of what I was doing many people would think I was insane and maybe I would agree with them but I needed to see her face one more time, maybe that would rid myself of all the awful nightmares I've been having for the past year.

I thought that being with other girls would help and that I would find someone else to love, boy was I wrong I found myself choosing to be with girls who would look remotely like her but it wasn't the same. I have been trying to fight the urge I feel to just look into her gorgeous green eyes and see the passion I used to see or some sort of emotion other than the void I always see in my nightmares. I was pretty surprised when I called my old friend who gave me her new address and wished me luck without any hesitation, after all, he was somewhat part of the reason we weren't together now. The taxi pulled to a stop outside a nice looking modern apartment building, I quickly threw him some money and got out the car I slowly made my way up to her room. While I was standing in the elevator I just now realised that I had no idea what the hell I was going to say to her.

'Oh hi I was just in Milan and wanted to know how you're going' pfft not likely. The elevator came to a stop and opened I got out and found myself facing apartment number 16. I took in a deep breath and let it out, I finally took the courage and knocked on her door. After about five seconds I could hear the sound of rushing heals on marble tiling and the door flew open to reveal Larissa.

Oh, god I wouldn't be able to compare my dreams to the real Larissa, she hadn't changed if anything she was even more beautiful. She was wearing a short black dress with a single long pearl necklace around her neck and her eyes were still the vibrant green I remembered. When she had opened the door she had the most beautiful smile on her face but once she saw it was me and not who she was expecting the smile faded and a frown was put in its place. I wanted her to say something, anything. Finally her mouth opened and she spoke her angelic voice which I had missed for so long.


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