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 She gracefully walked over to Ember and the blonde horse neighed lightly at her appearance and nudged her hand gently as she pressed it to the mares snout. It made sense now why Ember took on such an elegant posture, the queen was her owner. I looked to midnight who eyed me suspiciously. uh oh. 

I adore horses, yes, but this large black stallion was intimidating even for a rider such as myself. I slowly approached trying not to look overly fearful in front of the Queen of Asgard, I also knew having fear would tamper with the emotions of the stallion before me. Midnight was in the back of his squared-off pen as he eyed me, I  sucked in a deep breath before placing my hands out "here midnight" I whistled and clicked my tongue. Slowly the large stallion made his way over strutting and I held back a snort at how he and his owner were so similar. I found a small bucket of apples next to his gate and quickly bent down snatching a shiny red up in my palm. I held it out and Midnight approached gently taking it from my palm. 

I reached out as he neighed lightly allowing me to pat his forehead softly, eventually, I made sure he was tied up and I slipped carefully through the small gate holding him in as he ate. I pulled out a brush from a side basket and carefully groomed him as he whined in content, I smiled to myself as he became calmer. He seemed to trust me even in so little time, I could only hope the stubborn prince could fare even a slight inch more of trust toward either me or Rosie. We are his personal maids after all.

I did not notice the queen watching me intently as she tended to her smaller mare with her own brush braiding her mares tan mane. After I groomed Midnight's body his sleek black coat shining and clean I tended to his mane. I took out small hair ties from a pocket we had in our maid's outfit and I groomed his mane tying his long hair that cascaded down his black sleek neck up into small buns lining the back of his head down his neck. 

It was becoming noon so I took it upon myself to gather his reins in my hands and slowly lead him out after attaching and clipping a black leather and silver saddle onto his back. He was surprisingly calm for being such large stead and looking so temperamental. I gently led him out and through the stables. Eventually, I came to a standstill with other maids as they held the reins of their owner's horses all neatly groomed standing in a row as their ears or tails twitched ever so slightly. Standing by a stone wall we waited for the warriors 3, Sif, Thor and of course Loki to mount their steads for their next journey. We weren't alerted as of to where they would be off to but most maids had said they would be looking for an amulet that needed to be kept in Odin's vault. A thief had taken it and fled to the farthest part of Asgard as Heimdall could not allow them to pass. I hope they catch him or her, greedy lot.

It wasn't overly long before the thudding of boots echoed off of the walls in the clearing showing 6 figures Loki, Hogun, Sif, Frandal, Volstagg, and Thor. 

They all had their own swift movements, Thor bulky steps along with Volstagg, Frandal rubbed his gloved hands together as his eyes caught mine again a grin plastered on his features

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They all had their own swift movements, Thor bulky steps along with Volstagg, Frandal rubbed his gloved hands together as his eyes caught mine again a grin plastered on his features. Sifs steps were regal and firm showing authority, Hoguns were shorter and Lokis were long and graceful. Lokis eyes widened a fraction as he met mine and looked to me holding the bit of Midnight's reins. 

They all strode over chatting as they did so as they began to mount their steads, all of us maids held a firm grip on the reins connecting to each horse's mouth so that the mounting was steady. Loki swiftly hopped onto Midnight and frowned down at me "he was a pleasure to work with prince Loki, not temperamental" I said with a smirk. He rose an eyebrow and then copied my smirk onto his features, a whistle from behind me came causing me to turn from looking up at Loki and he followed my action. A wolf whistle. I huffed as Frandal had a cocky grin on his features "dear Frandal, do be so kind as of to not hit on every woman you set eyes on im sure she holds just as much power in those fists as I to wipe that smug look off of your features" Sif said annoyed at him as she mounted her deep brown horse. I smiled to myself, she had some faith in me to be powerful it felt nice and warm inside to hear it.

He rolled his eyes at her comment but I simply turned around back to Loki straining my neck to look up at him as he looked down with his smirk, "I have no doubt she does" he said to me in particular. My mint eyes swirled with emotions as I rose an eyebrow. This was certainly new." thank you, Prince Loki" I said and he nodded. "let us travel onward!" Thor boomed causing me to flinch at his loud voice catching a few of the other maids off guard too. With that, I let go of the bit in Midnight's mouth and placed my hands together in front of me as the group headed elsewhere.

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