you serve the prince, time to act as you do

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Rosie had been asked to tend to Loki's chamber for cleaning the vase mess, I had noticed the white rose had vanished, however. I was sure he would have just thrown it out so I thought nothing of it. Although it was a tad bit disheartening. I headed back to my chambers ready to sleep after bathing and changing.

The next morning both me and Rosie rose early, of course, to tend to the prince's needs as soon as need be. We were also alerted by the head maid quarters that he had somewhere to be this afternoon meeting with the warriors 3, Sif and Thor. We both changed into our maid outfits tending to one another's corset once more before trodding down the halls passing guards keeping our heads low in respect. Rosie knocked lightly on the door before us and a groan of an "Enter" came from the other side.

 We both rose and eyebrow to one another clearly not expecting the prince to sound so tired but opened the doors quietly. "Prince Loki you have somewhere to be this afternoon and this morning you have a meeting with the queen" Rosie spoke calmly her hands folded gracefully in front of her. I envied her for that but walked over to the curtains with a yank the bright blinding light flittered into the room. Payback for being a prick I suppose.

I smirked to myself as I heard Loki groan from his bed "why so early?" he grumbled rolling out of bed, neither of us expected him to be bare-chested so we quickly looked down. "it is our duty Prince Loki" I said staring at the floor avoiding his gaze, "yeah yeah" he mumbled walking into his bathroom and shutting the door behind him.

"well someones not a morning person" Rosie muttered and we both looked to each other before trying to suppress an outbreak of giggles so that no one would hear us. We tended to small things around the room such as dusting or neatening stacks of books. My fingers itched to pull them open and read their contents, I and mother weren't wealthy and didn't have the luxury of the literature here. But I knew better than to go against the law in the palace, maids are below royals and do not get the opportunity to touch anything not permitted to touch.

I finished stacking the books neatly as Loki left the bathroom his toned pale muscles glinting with water droplets. We both again averted our gaze as he put on his armor for the day, he combed out his raven hair so it fell down his neck sleeked back.  

"you" he said looking to me and I froze "yes prince Loki?" I asked "you are to go and groom my stead midnight while you" he said looking to Rosie "are to tend to my sheets and clothes" he said and we both nodded "yes prince Loki" we both said and bowed rushing off to do our duties. But before I left he called me "Megan" he said flatly I turned on my heal ready for a follow up "Midnight bites" he said snarkily grinning expecting a reaction, "thank you for the information prince Loki" I said flatly not willing to give him the temptation. 

His brow creased ever so slightly before I turned on my heel heading for the stables, I nodded to a few guards in their positions as I made my way to the stables filled with horses and mares. I followed down the small path in between each line of wooden stables before coming across the sign that read MIDNIGHT. in the pen held a large black stead towering over me similar to Loki's stance and it made sense, the stead represented him, albeit a bit less lippy. As I approached the stall to my left held a light blonde mare with a white stripe on her forehead.

She was stunning, of course, it wasn't that midnight held the same beauty but something radiated elegance from her, I looked over at her sign reading her name out loud "Ember" I said to myself. 

"Quite beautiful isn't she?" I heard an elegant voice come from behind me, I quickly spun to see queen Frigga making her way over, I quickly curtsied "My queen" I said and she smiled "it is a pleasure to meet you properly Megan" she said. She must have remembered my name, by gods I didn't think I left that much of an impression on anyone let alone the queen. I was suddenly very nervous but managed to smile in reply.

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