Chapter 23

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"This is more than a crush that I have on you, I'm infatuated with everything you do
Cause I need ya', and I want ya'
And I swear I get better and better
Pussy wetter than ever." ~YNW Melly

I had thousands of thoughts running through my mind while I was driving back home

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I had thousands of thoughts running through my mind while I was driving back home. I love Mariah so much and I don't understand why she wants to leave me. I honestly can say I love her just as much as I love Destiny or more. I gave that girl the world, where did I got wrong?

"Why she wanna leave us? What did we do wrong?" I asked myself parking in the garage and getting out my car. I took a deep breath and got my key to unlock the door.

"Just chill out Melvin." I said opening the door and Mariah was sitting on the couch with Ocean and Liyah.

The fuck going on?

"Why y'all here?" I asked.

"Oh bae they came over because they wanna see Destiny's children." Mariah said. I looked at her.

This bitch must've lost her goddamn mind. "Hell no they ain't coming around my children."

"They wasn't yo kids when you said fuck em." Ocean said.

"My answer is still no! Y'all not coming around my fucking babies."

"Nigga they my niece and nephew." Ocean said.

I looked at her. "Bitch they wasn't yo niece and nephew when you came at the baby shower was they? Or when you tried to fight destiny while she was 7 months pregnant. They wasn't family when you said fuck Destiny and you don't wanna bond with them! Ion give a fuck y'all ain't coming near my children."

Liyah rolled her eyes.

"Bae be nice let them see em." Mariah said. I snapped my head towards her.

"When have you ever cared about Destiny much less her children? You don't even like her! All that shit you put on is a front." I said.

Liyah rolled her eyes once more. "Bitch when you beat her she had no where else to go but to Destiny's. Mariah tried to warn her but look at Destiny got 2 babies by a funky ass rapper that can't control his temper."

Ocean laughed and shook her head. "My exact point Liyah. Destiny always been a dumb bitch."

"Hoe watch what you say about her. Matter of fact, You and you! Get the fuck out my damn house!" I yelled pointing at Liyah and Ocean, they rolled they eyes and left out slamming my door.

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