The Girl in the Tower Chap 9

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The Girl in the Tower Chapter 9

Sara smiled at Harry’s bird. “Hello Hedwig! What have you got for me?”

Hedwig dropped a single sheet of paper, circled once, and came to rest on Sara’s shoulder. Sara petted a wing before reading the note.


It’s a long story, but Ron and the rest of my roomies are in the hospital wing. It’s a mis-brewed sleeping potion, but they will be all right. Snape had to go get something for the antidote and I’m teaching his class today. (Ugh!!!)

I didn’t want you to worry when I’m missing from History of Magic. I have to find lesson plans now, so I’ll see you at lunch I guess.


“Harry? Is teaching Potions? I wonder how Severus feels about that?” Sara’s smile broke into an amused laugh, remembering them rolling around on her roof last night, slapping each other. Perhaps they would be able to tolerate the other’s presence for a while. If not, she thought, she’d soon be pulling her hair out.

“Let’s go wish Harry good luck, Hedwig.” She tucked something into the pocket of a deep purple robe. “You can ride along on my shoulder.”

Lavender smiled, considering him in his fine clothes. “Harry! You look... good. Even with all those cuts and bruises. In fact, they make you look even better.”

“Thanks.” Harry gave her a weak smile and thought; clown seductresses. He’d never really liked the two girls who had just wandered into the empty classroom. “What brings you here?”

“Hermione told us. We had to see it for ourselves! Professor Harry Potter. I always thought you were intelligent, Harry.” Lavender drew closer.

Harry saw them advance and fought the feeling to back away. “I’ll have to thank Hermione when I see her.” He was trying to keep his attention on the lesson plans open on the desk, though his eyes were unwillingly drawn to the third button of Lavender’s blouse. He found the distraction irritating and dragged his gaze away.

“You’ll want to fix your clothes before you lose points for Gryffindor.”

Parvati smirked. “We’ll just pretend we didn’t hear that. Tell me Harry, what have you done? You look so... attractive. I’d never noticed before. And your eyes. They’re so...”

“Green,” Lavender finished, drawing closer to Harry until she’d squeezed herself between him and the desk, against which she reclined.

Harry thought Lavender and Parvati were repellant and hoped they were planning to leave soon. However, it was quite plain that they were just warming up. “You’re sitting on Snape’s lesson plans!”

Lavender smiled and Harry noticed Parvati Patil was standing next to him, so close he could hear her breathing, her hand on his arm. He was revolted, but the hopelessly male part of him wanted to know what they’d do next. He was unable to move, wedged between two rather pretty girls, his mind racing, and trying to find an excuse to get away from the rouge-laden vixens.

A familiar voice came from the doorway. “Sorry to interrupt.”

Three heads turned and there was Sara, Hedwig perched on her shoulder. Her long blonde hair fell into loose curls at her waist, the black streak only an inch wide. Her violet eyes deepened beside her purple satin robe and Harry breathed relief at the sight of her.

“Sara!” He pushed past Parvati. Hedwig flew off to find a perch, and Harry gave Sara a tight hug. He whispered in her ear. “Save me.”

She kissed him as Lavender and Parvati sent a murderous glare her way. “Harry, who are your friends?”

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