The Girl in the Tower Chap 8

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The Girl in the Tower Chapter 8

"Come on, Harry! Hurry up!" Ron beckoned from the top of the steps.

Harry stood, smiling up at the enormous front doors, feeling a kind of warm, fuzzy nostalgia. It was the warmth and contentment one must feel coming home after a long prison sentence.

Harry pushed the Dursleys out of his mind. Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley were a part of the past now. He was on his own and his mind raced with the excitement of it. Some small part of him saddened at the loss of his only living blood relatives, the only real ties he had to his parents, disagreeable as they were. There were none on his father's side that he knew of, and Harry felt alone in the world. That same small part of him was a little scared. He had his friends though, and he had the whole Weasley clan, who he considered his surrogate family, and of course, the grandfatherly Professor Dumbledore. Then there was Sara, who he loved without reserve, who wanted to know if he was planning to make her his wife, and who filled him with hope for the future.

"Harry! We'll end up sitting with the first years!"

Hermione smiled at his wistful expression. "Are you going to make Sara wait for you all night?"

Still smiling, Harry ran to catch up.

Taking seats among the other Gryffindors, Harry looked for Sara. All the teachers were there, even Professor Trelawney, but there was no sign of her apprentice.

Hermione leaned in to whisper. "Where is she?"

Harry shrugged and turned back to the sorting ceremony, struggling to pay attention.

Farther down the table, Dean Thomas turned to Seamus Finnegan. "Why's there a piano in here?"

Seamus looked as bewildered as Dean and shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno.”

Dean sighed. "I guess we'll find out."

Poor Sara, Harry thought, giving the piano a glance just as Dumbledore stood to give the usual announcements.

"In addition, I would like to introduce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Adolphus Morgio. Professor Morgio has been hard at work for many years, tracking our darkest adversaries, and has many a disturbing tale I'm sure. He should prove a most able and interesting teacher."

Professor Morgio gave a slight nod, offered a severe and miserable smile, and lowered into his chair, swatting back a tuft of what looked to be rather greasy black hair. His long, pointy nose and sallow skin paled in stark contrast to the rich firelight. His small black eyes, set deep in discolored sockets, darted among the tables until they landed on Harry. When Morgio found Harry looking right at him, he was quick to turn his face, contorted in a permanent scowl, away in obvious discomfort. Harry's eyes narrowed as he studied the man. Long white fingers fidgeted, nervous.

Dumbledore beckoned to the dark recesses behind the head table, drawing Harry's attention away from the new teacher. "I would like to introduce Sara Lemke. She will be Professor Trelawney's apprentice and will assist with Divination classes."

Sara, wearing a beautiful, lustrous deep purple robe, emerged from the shadows behind the head table with visible trepidation and took the empty chair next to Trelawney, smiling at the enthusiastic welcome from the tables. Harry's heart sank as he glanced at the empty space next to him, which he'd saved for her.

Dumbledore had more to say, but waited for silence to fall before he spoke. "Sara will also attend some classes with the seventh year students and, though she has her own private quarters, she will be considered a Gryffindor for scheduling purposes. However, she will not earn points for her house.

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