The Girl in the Tower Chap 7

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The Girl in the Tower Ch 7: A Box of Memories

By SpookyMulder Pt 1: Coming of Age

The Dursleys were furious when Harry arrived alone and driving a Mercedes convertible. Uncle Vernon scowled and insisted he return the vehicle at once. Harry refused. Aunt Petunia argued that there wasn't enough room in the driveway for it, as it would block their car. Harry reasoned that he would be leaving first in the morning, and would be the last to return at night, so it really wasn't a problem. On weekends, he would park it on the street. Aunt Petunia argued that the neighbors would think he stole it.

Harry sighed, already exhausted by them. "Who steals a rental?"

Vernon’s face was turning a curious shade of crimson. "And who's paying? You must save your money! You will not return here! EVER!"

Harry smiled. "Don't worry about me coming back, because that’s all been taken care of. As for the car, Sara rented it for the summer, but she had to go back to Hog- uh, to school, so she's letting me run out the lease."

Petunia folded her arms and hissed her words. "If she can go back, then why can't you?!"

"She's the headmaster's niece, remember? She lives there." Harry's smile widened. "Besides, we purchased some land today. I won't need to come back here." Harry knew they’d promised not to tell anyone, but he couldn't help bringing it up. He knew they expected him to fail miserably and was only too happy to disappoint them.

Vernon's face was turning redder by the minute. "Where is this land?"

"It's on the channel. Five lots in a row at the top of the bluffs. Three are wooded and one has a little cottage. Sara says we’ll live there after graduation while we wait for the house to be built."

“He’s lying, Vernon.”

“I know, Petunia.” Vernon glared at Harry. “We’re not stupid, you know. You don’t honestly expect us to believe a load of nonsense like that?”

“Believe whatever you want. I really don’t care. I won’t be coming back either way.” Harry climbed the stairs, lugging his overstuffed backpack and some of his bags from Harvey Nichols. There were more in the car, but he'd have to make another trip. Harry smiled as he entered his room. He was happier than he'd ever been over a summer vacation and the future looked promising. Very promising indeed. Harry stood still for a moment, delight flooding his features as he remembered Sara's words. Don't you plan to marry me, Harry?

Thinking of Sara and the home they would have together, he made his way back out to the car and returned over-laden, only to find himself once again detained by his aunt and uncle.

"What is all this?" Vernon demanded, pawing over the shopping bags as Harry continued his balancing act. "Don't lie to me, boy! You're spending the money!"

"I told you, I'm not!"

Vernon grabbed a handful of Harry's unruly hair. "THEN YOU'VE RUN UP YOUR CREDIT!!"

Harry winced. "Sara bought me some clothes for my birthday! When we went to the Criterion! I didn't have anything to wear!"

"The Criterion? It's world-famous! They wouldn't let a...someone like you in a place like that. Stop lying right now!"

Harry shouted, growing annoyed. "I'm not lying! We have pictures coming! I'll show them to you!"


"Yes. At the Criterion."

"And who paid for that?" Vernon smiled as if he'd caught him with something at last and released Harry's head.

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