five - harry

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[warning: rape scene, please do not read if it triggers you or makes you uncomfortable :c] 

five – harry

“Harry, you have a session with Mr. Winston.”

            The bruise from his cheek had not yet faded, yet Harry was already back on his feet. He deserved what Angela did to him, he really did; but he hated the fact that Liam had started keeping secrets from him again. He hated the fact that he had to bear with these ‘sessions’ – sexual meetings – but Liam still treated him like a child.

            “Good evening sir,” he voiced shyly, ducking his head in order to show respect to the older man he did not even know. The man was handsome, to say the least, but he – he wasn’t Louis; Louis, who looked at him and made him feel fluttering inside his tummy that he had not felt in years. Louis, with his flawless physique and captivating blue eyes and just – Harry shouldn’t have gotten that attached to his co – worker, and it had only been a week.

            Mr. Winston smiled, his beard aligning his facial characteristics perfectly. “Oh, you’re such a polite little thing, we’re going to have so much fun.” the man said delighted, circling his arms around Harry’s tiny waist and just letting their groans touch slightly. “I’ll see if I let you cum tonight, sweetheart. It’ll depend on whether or not you’re going to be good and obedient f’me or not.” He continued, giving a hard smack on Harry’s left bum-cheek, followed by a blush covering his milky white complexion.

            “Right,” Liam cleared his throat, trying to break the scene before any of the people in the audience noticed them, “Harry, you know what to do,” he said, then leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Keep him happy and I’ll buy you a pair of those pearls Angie brought back from Austria.” At the sound of that, Harry’s lips twitched into a genuine pleased grin, which was aimed towards his client. “Shall we get going then, sir?”

            When Harry entered the room, he was immediately pushed against the wall, swallowing a high – pitched whine from the pain, but was unfortunately not able to say anything because Mr. Winston quickly covered his mouth with his large palm, startling the younger boy, “I don’t like pretty boys being loud, doll. This means that I don’t want you to make any sound absolutely what’s oh ever, only when I tell you to. Is that clear?”

            Harry could do nothing but merely nod, as much as he could of course with Mr. Winston’s hand in front of his lips. He could feel the man’s hands touching him and feeling him, and he tried as hard as he could to bring the picture of those pearls Liam had promised him in his mind, or maybe even Louis’ eyes. Something that could take him away as he wholly gave away his body to some stranger. “Thigh garters?” Mr. Winston laughed, pinching the fabric against Harry’s plump thigh and scratching his beard against his bare shoulder, “God, such a slut.”

            Harry shut his eyes closed at the word, hating how all the men he would let them take him would call him that word and so many other provocative and inappropriate nicknames, he wasn’t a slut. Oh but you are, Harry, the voice reminded him as Ben continued to undress him and slap his arse cheeks harshly, you could’ve easily declined the extra pay that Mr. Payne offered, but no, you chose to do this. You deserve this.

            “Bet you have a small cock, huh? What’s your secret, freak? Why are you here anyway, such a pretty doll ought to stay in the house and let her owner play with her. But, you’re showing off to the audience, expecting everyone to see your itty bitty bits and slutish underwear.” Without even noticing, Mr. Winston had already ripped off his beautiful underwear, ruining them completely and shredding them to pieces. The material fell on the floor, and Harry even accidently tripped on it as Mr. Winston pushed him on it, cock bouncing up and down, but not quite hard. He wasn’t at all aroused, only flushed, he only hoped that Mr. Winston wouldn’t notice it.

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