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"Hush Fatmama."I rocked my babygirl Addie back and forth to soothe her but it wasn't working. I'm new at this so I don't know what to do, she won't stop crying.  Addie decided tonight out of all nights to having a crying spell.

I check my severely cracked iPhone and notice that it's 3 in the morning. It's way too early for her to be up. I try my hardest to keep her on my sleeping pattern but she chooses to do other wise, stubborn just like her momma.

"Go back to sleep baby, mommy has school in the morning." I groan trying to get her back to sleep. It's clearly not working. "Please Addie, I need rest. "

I finally to go back to school in the morning I had to take a few months off after giving birth at 16 four months ago.

I'm extremely nervous and Addie is not helping by exhausting me.

"Momma said bring Addie to her." My 10 year old sister Taylor entered my bedroom.

I was ready to hand her over it seemed like I hadn't gotten a full night of sleep in months.

"Here, Grab her pacifier too." I willingly hand her over. Taylor props Addie on her hip and nearly slams my door. I swear I don't know where she gets that attitude from.  

"Be gently and make sure you hold her neck." I yelled behind her.

I turn over in my bed say a quick prayer then get as much rest as I can.

My alarm running my sleep at 6 it felt like I had only slept for a few minutes. I get up and sort through my closet for something to wear. I gained a little weight from the pregnancy so I didn't really have anything to wear.

I come to a conclusion of an all pink Ralph Lauren sweat suit and a contrasting pair of hot pink Ugg snow boots.

I place my outfit onto my bed so I can prepare to freshen up.

After entering the bathroom I twisted on the hot water and as it begins to fill the bathroom with steam and step in.

I cleanse my self with my Hermes citrus scrub while humming until I was interrupted by banging on the door.

"Hurry up." Tay mumbled pounding on the door.

"Okayy." I yelled in frustration rinsing off the soap then turning off the comforting warm water.

I stepped onto the ice cold floor wrapped myself in my towel and hurried to my room.

After shutting the door behind me I stripped out of the towel and begin to prepare for this long day.


After I completed getting dressed I start on my hair. My natural hair is a fair length but I wear weave because it is easier to managed. I brush out my Malaysian curls which stop just pass the middle of my back, fleek my eyebrows, apply some mascara and top it off with a nude pink tint matte lip stick.

As soon as I sat down my lipstick I heard my baby girl.

"Right on time."I mumbled to myself looking over myself then heading to my Addie.

Her cry was coming from the kitchen and I smelt the aroma of my moms breakfast so I knew she had to be with my mom. That's exactly where I found them Addie was propped up on my mom's hips while she cooked.

"What I tell you 'bout that lipstick?" She acknowledged my presence. "You got enough makeup on as is." She frowned on disgust.

My mom has no no filter and will let you know exactly how she felt in the rudest way possible.

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