Chapter 1

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Izuku's POV

Hi I am Izuku Midoriya. My quirk is Plus Ultra. To say it has all of the quirks to ever existence in it even new ones. I am lucky that Edit part of my quirk makes it not to have any drawbacks. The place I am living for the moment is the dorms. At this moment I am in my room getting ready for my boyfriend Monoma so I can pick him up soon. When I did get to his dorm room I heard something I thought I would of never hear before. You might be wondering what it was but anyway I heard Monoma moaning Tetsutetsu's name. I just sighed and walked to the bar that was a few miles from here. On the way their I texted him that we are over and once it was sent I blocked his number and any social media. Anyway once at the bar I showed my fake ID to get in and hopefully forget about today.

Kai Chisaki's POV (Overhaul)

For some reason like once every week I went to a usual bar. Today was different than others because I saw green hair that looks oddly familiar. When I got closer I was surprised I saw Zuzu. Well that is what I use to call him when we were younger. The question is why is he here since he is only 16. Either way I sat by him and order my usual. "So how has it been Zuzu."

Izu's POV

Wait Kai-chan. Oh also forgot to say I have a high tolerance for when it comes to alcohol. I look to my right and I was right it was Kai-chan. "Kai-chan it has been awhile since we last seen eachother." "Ya Zuzu now tell me what happened this time." He really dose know something is wrong. "Well heh I broke up with my boyfriend that was doing eh it with someone else and I already blocked every contact with him anyway."

Overhaul POV

Wow Zuzu is having a rough time then. Wait how is he not drunk yet. "Why are you not drunk yet." He is drinking the strongest stuff they have here. "I have high tolerance even with the highest drink they have here." Oh that makes sense now. Wait he did this before and how many times. "I have done it about seven times by now if you were wondering." "What why." I am really concerned about him now. "The first time was when my mom died the next three after that one was parties that had alcohol in the punch and instead of water it was Volka. Since this is the seventh time so the last three are brake ups because the person was cheating on me."

That is horrible and I know his dad left him so what happened when his mom died. Especially since his dad was not in his life. "My dad is my guardian now but he is well kinda abusive and forbid me to see my mom's grave stone. I can't even get close to it because well my dad apparently has a spy on me if they see me there they will drag me out they even know all of my disguises." I saw him starting to cry and I couldn't help seeing him cry like always. I picked him up and quickly toke him to my room in the hide out which was kinda far from the bar.

I put him on my lap when I was on the bed and started to dry his tears. "How about I help you see your mom and come with you." "That will be nice Kai-chan." I smiled at him and started to hug him more than I was. Maybe I am starting to have more feelings for him well more than when we were kids.

Izu's POV

I started to snuggle closer to Kai and well it was comforting. I know he is a villain but he is also my friend the one that I had feelings for since we were younger. At least today was the day we start a four month break from school. I slowly closed my eyes because I started to feel sleepy from the crying. "Zuzu what do you feel about me." I can't hold my feeling for him back much anymore but I don't care. "Well I think it is ok that you are a villain besides that *looks in Kai's eyes and smiled* I actually have feelings for you ever since we were younger. *looks down and drops the smile* I feel guilty for trying to get rid of that feeling by dating other people and that didn't even work out."

I feel a little useless at the moment for this stuff but who really cares. I felt him pull me closer and made me look back at him by putting two of his fingers under my chin. I looked into his eyes and they were soft looking.

Kai's POV

Should I tell him that I also like him or kiss him first. Wait he just broke up today but he did say it was to distract him from having feelings for me. Beside Eri needs to meet Izu and he dose have his hero licence. I probably got myself in deep shit right now. 'What if he turns me into the other heros or at most the police. What will happen to Eri when that happens.'

Izu's POV

Eh he is mumbling so dose he even know that I can hear him say this. Yet he stopped after the second sentence. By now his eyes hold sadness and I think regret. Our faces look like they are close to one another but I can't help it no more. I quickly started to kiss Kai and when I was I put my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Of course he wasn't kissing back at the moment yet I still closed my eyes.

Kai's POV

He started to kiss me and I have no idea why at first. Either way I rapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer to me while I started to kiss back. To say it felt amazing yet I still am worried.

Izu's POV

I was happy he started to kiss back. After a tiny bit I started to melt into the kiss even more. I know some time during this he bit my bottom lip and I was glad to give him the entrance. Soon enough I moaned into the kiss when his tounge was exploring my mouth. At some point I was also grinding on him probably because the alcohol was finally kicking in.

We hesitantly broke the kiss and stared into one another's eyes. "I will never let them take you away from me. I love you to much to have you being taken away from other heros and to put you in jail. I know what you do is wrong but it feels like it is the right thing for you. I mean this with the love I feel for you." I gave him another kiss that was short but sweet and passionate. "Beside will I ever kiss someone that I truly love even if they are a villain."

Word count: 1227

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