[ch. 13] kids these days are disgusting

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hey beautiful people! 

so this one is long and yeah hope you enjoy

btw I decided that I wanted more dex appreciation (because he's an adorable cinnamon roll) so I decided to write more dex (and biana) appreciation scenes in my other book, "you're my mission" because they both deserve it so much (ik I'm self promoting again hahahahahaha)

Sophie was running. 

She didn't exactly know where she was running, but she didn't stop. 

Not when the footsteps were gaining on her. 

She tripped on a tree root and stumbled, giving her assailant time to catch up.

Sophie channeled her inner strength and willed herself to keep going, until she felt two arms grab her. 

It was over. They had her. 

The Neverseen had her again. 

"Sophie." said Gethen. 

"Sophie!" he said again, but his voice was changing.

And was it just her or was everything shaking?

"SOPHIE!" said a crisp, deep voice.

"Fitz...?" Sophie said, rubbing her eyes and looking up at her boyfriend's ridiculously handsome face. 

Oh. It was just a nightmare.

"No, it's Keefe," he said sarcastically, "You're lucky your dad actually let me in. I thought he was kick my ass and forbid me from ever entering Havenfield." 

Sophie laughed. "I'm lucky? I think you mean you're lucky." she said, getting up and going to her bathroom. 

"No, babe, you're lucky. Who wouldn't want to see THE Fitz Vacker when they wake up?" 

"Definitely not me!" Sophie shot back, throwing a tunic at his face. His ego was really getting big these days. 

Fitz entertained Iggy as Sophie brushed, took a shower, and changed into sweatpants and a tunic. 

"I don't want to go to school tomorrow!" Sophie whined as she exited the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel. 

"We can always ditch." Fitz suggested. Sophie threw the wet towel at his face. 

"Keefe's rubbing off on you, Vacker." she noted, crossing the room to stand in front of Vertina, her mirror. 

"Oh, look who decided to come and take my wise advice!" Vertina said. 

"Oh, hush. What do I do with my hair? It's kinda frizzy." Sophie responded.

Fitz snorted from the bed. "Kinda frizzy? It looks like you electrocuted yourself!" he said.

Sophie shot him a death glare whilst Vertina said, "Is there someone here with you? Move him into the frame, I'd like to see."

Fitz got up and walked next to Sophie. 

"Ooooooh! Hello, Prince Charming!" she squealed. 

Sophie rolled her eyes and said "Can you please tell me what to do!" 

Vertina nodded, "Since you asked so nicely!" 

She led Sophie through a detailed tutorial on how to this:

She led Sophie through a detailed tutorial on how to this:

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