014) tea.

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"i love you"

"no you don't"

"yes i do and i mean it"

"then why do you continue to hurt me?"

"cause i just don't know how to love"

i woke up out my sleep and it was still dark outside. i noticed royce snoring next to me on his stomach.

i sighed and turned on my side trying to go back to sleep but i just couldn't cause he was loud af.

"royce" i whisper but he continues snoring.

"royce!" i whisper yell agian. he moves around but continues to sleep.

i smack him on his back making him jump up. i laugh at his face cause he looked crazy asf with his hair everywhere.

"w-why tf u do that yo?" he asks sleepily.

"cause you were snoring so shut tf up" i laugh laying back down on my side.

"So ShUt ThE fUcK uP" he mocks me as i laugh as i feel him lay back down and i close my eyes.

i think about the dream i had before i woke up and it really confused me because i didn't know who i was talking to but i assumed it was lathan but then agian i never seen a face so i might never know.

next morning.

i wake up to music blasting and light shining through the room. i hear the shower running and realize the music coming from the bathroom.

i sit up and rub the sleep out of my eyes grabbing my phone from the night stand to see hella missed calls and messages from kylenna , mariah and leanna.

i didn't feel like talking to them right now cause according to some of the messages i seen , they know what happened last night and i didn't wanna talk about that.

i heard the shower turn off then a few minutes later the door opened and out comes royce with a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his hair.

he doesn't notice me as he walks over to his dresser pulling out some boxers but before i could slip his towel off he makes eye contact with me through the mirror and smirks turning around.

"shut up" i say looking at my phone.

"ahh i know you wanna see me nakey- nakey- nakedd" he teases slipping his boxers on under the towel.

where are you?? i called aaliyah's mom and she said you never came home with her.

me and her got into a fight so i stayed with lathans friend.

balincá what the hell you mean lathans
friend?? girl if you don't get cho ass home
and explain yo self !

okay okayyy im coming chill😂😂😂

girl don't tell me to chill im grown
and bring yo ass on

okaayyyyayayayayatta mommy !!!

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i laugh at my mom to myself as royce comes back out of the restroom fully dressed running his fingers through his damp hair.

"can you take me home please?" i ask standing up and stretching.

"yea but you got gas money?" he asks in all seriousness making me bust out laughing.

"hell no take me home" i say slipping my shoes on.

"man u ain't shit" he laughs walking out of his room.

i see lathan sitting in the living room as we pass by and he stares at me making me put my head down and follow royce out.


"thanks bro" i say getting out and closing the door.

"yea yea i still want my gas money dude" he says

"whatever bye" i laugh going to unlock my door and stepping inside.

"mommyyyyy im homeeeeee" i say as she peeks her head around the corner.

"get in here and tell me the tea" she says disappearing around the corner making me bust out laughing.

"no mom don't say that" i laugh walking into the kitchen to see her whippin something up.

"what? that's what y'all say now right??" she laughs as i sit at the island.

"ma- anyways , so basically me and some of lathans friends caught him and aayliah doing some stuff" i say putting emphasis on stuff making her eyes go wide.

"what in the hell?? not aayliah she's so sweet" my mom says making me roll my eyes.

bitch bye that hoe a whole man whore-

"mhmm anyways yea and the funny thing about is like almost a hour before that me and lathan talked about getting together and i was g-gonna give h-him another chance." i say as my voice cracks but i hold my tears back.

"awh my baby it's okay sweetheart" she frowns coming over to me and pulling me into her embrace.

"let me tell you something , people come and go in your life for a reason weather it's your fault , theirs or you both but at the end of the day it depends on how you deal with the situation and cope with it." she says.

"baby i know you're in love with that boy but he clearly doesn't care about your feelings only himself." she says making me sigh. " and aayliah... that girl clearly isn't in the right state of mind right now so i think it's best if u just stay away from her"

"ik ma im not fuc- messing with her anymore" i say as she laughs and shakes her head wiping my face.

"now who is this friend you were with?" she ask going back to cooking.

"oh his name is royce and he's aayliah's ex and lathans close friend-" i say making her cut me off and her eyes go wide.

"girl lathan messing around with his BESTFRIENDS ex???" she asks shaking her head.

"yep" i shrug. "anyways he's really nice and i'll probably be hanging with him for a while." i say making my mom whip her head towards me and smirk.

"no please don't say nothing" i groan rolling my eyes.

"well i wanna met him if my girl is gonna be hanging with him" she says smiling.

"yea ik u do" i laugh.

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