I Just Want Someone To Look After Me [01]

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Chapter one

"Dee!" I breathed out a sigh and considered for one selfish second of not replying. "DEE?"

"Whats up?" I yelled back.

"Come here!"

I stood and cast a quick glance around me. Books spewed everywhere, paper everywhere, paper balls everywhere, pencils and pens... I shrugged my shoulders. I'd clean it up when I was done with mom. I rushed into the room with a big fake smile.

"Whats wrong mom?"

Just the sight of her made my heart sink into my stomach. She just looked so pale, so weak... Her hair was greasy and dirty, her face pale and shadowed. She was stick thin. She gave me a tired smile.

"Sorry honey but could you do me one small favour?"

"Of course, anything." I said honestly as I rushed to her side.

"Could you help me wash?"

I knew she was embarrased by asking me, she always was. I saw her pale cheeks go a very slight pink and I gave her a warm smile. She means the world to me. Why would I care about seeing her naked?

"Of course mom. No problem." I said, standing.

It was easy to help her stand. I pretty much had to carry her into the bathroom and I had to take my time. One wrong move and she would be in agony for hours. That I could not take. I filled the bath with water, no bubbles. I helped her stripe and helped her into the bathtub, herlping her lie back. She sighed. She refused to meet my eye.

"Mom." I gave a small smile. "Its fine. Don't be embarrassed. You've seen all of me, I've seen all of you. We're blood. Its fine."

"I know tis just..." Her eyes met mine, tired and shadowed. "I'm the mother. I'm meant to look after you and..." She broke off with a weak noise.

I shook my head. "No mom. Family look after each other. We are each others Guardian Angels."

After that she remained quiet. I helped her wash and I helped her get dried. I dressed her and helped her use the tolite. All the while she refused to meet my eyes. It was always the same. I helped her into bed with a towel wrapped around her hair.

"When I get back from picking up Max... I'm going to do your hair and make-up. You'll look beautiful."

She smiled weakly at me, tears welling up. I gave her a quick, gentle hug and turned, standing and walking out. I grabbed the keys to the Fiat and walked outside. I stared blankly up at the sun for several seconds. How could the day be so clear? So perfect and beautiful... with so many deaths? So many shadows? I shook my head to get rid of my morbid thoughts. I got into my little yellow Fiat and started it. I drove striaght to Max's preschool. He sat with the other children outside, playing in the sand. Looking at him, smiling so brightly with his adorable big blue eyes. He spotted me and leaped up and came running towards me as I opened the gate. I grabbed him and swung him up into my arms, laughing as I spun him around and around. He giggled happily and wrapped his arms around my neck and clung tightly. I squeezed him back happily.

"Dee." I turned towards the voice.

"Hey Becca." I smiled.

Bacca was atually Mrs.Reid... but she's a close family friend. I plopped Max down onto his feet and she pulled me into a hug.

"How's your mom?" She asked worriedly, when she pulled back.

I gave a half shrug. "Sometimes she seems better some days she seems worse." I sighed.

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