I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me.

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I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me.


Chapter 1.


Wow. That was amazing.

I sighed to myself before I heaved myself out of the bed pulling the tangled sheets with me. I bit my lip. I left him sleeping there naked. It was eight o'clock in the morning and I was already running late for work.

I showered and dressed for work. I went back to the bedroom to get my shoes and was greeting byRiley sitting up scratching his head. He smirked when I walked in to the room. "Morning baby." He greeted. He had slipped his boxers back on and was now staring at me intently. I wondered what he was thinking.

"Morning." I smiled back.

"Do you have to go to work?" He pouted. I sat down on the bed and proceeded to slip my shoes on. Riley crawled up behind me and snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me back so I was lying on top of him. I smiled and rolled off of him and lay next to him on the bed.

I glanced at him to see that he wasn't looking at me, he was staring at the ceiling. "What are you thinking about?" I asked ignoring his question.

He took my hand and sighed. "I don't want you to go to work." he chuckled and squeezed my hand. Sometimes Riley surprises me with sweetness. He's not all tough all the time.

I smiled.

"Can't have me all the time Riley." I snickered and rolled over to I was laying on my side. I placed a kiss on his cheek and then pulled myself up. "I'm already late for work. If I'm any later Christina will kick my butt!" I informed and he pouted again.

"Please stay with me baby!" He begged.


I sighed. Why does he have to be so cute and clingy.


"I'm sorry Riley." I pulled a sorry face and grabbed my things and walked out the door.


I walked to the parking lot where my crappy Honda Civic was and took off out on to the freeway away from the sleazy hotel.



2 months later


I woke up to a sick feeling. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom just reaching the toilet in time. This was the second morning in a row that I had woken up to vomit violently. I groaned in pain and pushed myself up from the floor. I walked to the basin and washed my face, brushed my teeth.

This went on for two more days before I got up the courage to go to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy test. I didn't dare tell Riley what was going on.


I paced the bathroom waiting the three minutes was agonizing. When the time was up I covered my eyes and peeked through my fingers. Icurled up in a ball on the bed that I shared with Riley and cried. I had no idea how he would react but I knew it would cause a fight.

"Baby what's wrong?" I jumped when I heard Riley's voice float across the room. I sat up and wiped the tears from my face. "You look sick is everything okay?" He asked with a concerned tone.


"I ... Riley um ... sit down." I croaked taking a deep breath it was now or never.

"What's going on babe?" he asked.

"Um ... I'm ... pregnant." I gulped and then he said it.

"Get an abortion."

"What?! No! Riley what's wrong with you!" tears started flowing freely down my face, why would he say that? I knew he's be shocked and maybe angry but I'd never pick him to be one to want his girlfriend to get an abortion.

Let me tell you right now ... I do not believe in abortion and I will not take some else's life. It's just wrong. I sniffed and looked up at him he had a stubborn look.

"I don't want a kid Gabi!" He yelled.

"Well you don't have a fucking choice because I'm not getting an abortion!" I screamed back at him.

"Fine then ... I don't want a kid and certainly don't want you!" He growled. "Get out."

I got up of the bed and ran out of the flat we shared together and went next door.


I sniffed. In front of me stood Riley's older brother Zane. "Gabi what's wrong?" He asked and pulled me inside his apartment before closing the door. He directed me to the couch and I immediately sat down and hugged my knees. I didn't know what to do. "Gabi talk to me? Where's Riley?" He asked and I started crying even harder. "Did you guys have a fight?" he asked. Suppose I wasn't helping much, I hadn't said a word since I got there.

When I was feeling up to it I looked up at Zane. He kneeling in front of me trying to get me to say something. He looked a tad worried. "He wants me to get an abortion." I whispered and let the tears start falling again. But can you blame me? It's not every day you find out you're pregnant and then get ordered by your 'loving' boyfriend to get an abortion.

"You're pregnant?" he struggled to get the words out, he looked shocked. Not sure if he was more shocked at the fact that I was pregnant or the fact that his brother wanted me to get an abortion.

"Yeah." I croaked.

"You can stay here. I'm going to have a talk with my brother." He growled and stood up heading for the door. I closed my eyes and blocked everything out.

"Gabi ... Gabi .... Gabrielle!" I opened my eyes. It was sometimes hard to tell Zane and Riley's voice apart. I was met by Zane's bright green eyes.

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