Part 20

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He stares down at me and I stare back. In his view, he sees a little innocent, beautiful girl, staring at him with curious eyes.

"What is father doing here??" Her sweet voice came out. He almost stumbled at how sweet her voice was compared to the older one.

He coughs with his fist on his mouth and turns around and whispers to the butler. Then he left without his butler. The butler turns to me and bows.

"Hello, Miss Eve. My name is Jason, I am Mr. Vangelia's personal butler." He retreats the bow and looks at me with a gentle smile.

Hmmmp! That still doesn't answer my question I gave him. I first need to get father's attention. So that I have a backer in case. ✌️

I smile at Jason.

"Miss Eve, Master would like to lunch with you. Did you eat yet?" He asks me.

", not yet." I answered back to him, hesitating.

"Hm, that's good. Now, Would Miss Eve follow me so that I could lead you to where Master is?"

I nodded and then we started our Adventure.

————Lunch with Father————

Here we are.

Having lunch.

As I sat across from him, I acted happily as if I was enjoying the time of my life. He looks at me now and then as I looked around.

The food came and we haven't even talk yet. What's the point of this lunch? Oh ma god, this is so awkward

"So," he started, which made me a little bit startled in the inside.


"I heard you broke your sister's leg? Is that true?" He asks as he grabs a napkin and gently taps around his mouth.

What? We're, we're talking about that Red-head now? Wait, so we came here for lunch just to discuss about this?? Like again, what's the point of this lunch? Oh, Riya's broken ankle. Pft!!!

Smile! Smile! Smile!!!! God damn it, Eve, smile!!!

A smile sprouted on her beautiful lips like an angel.

"Well, I don't know what father is talking about? I didn't break her ankle. Eve is a good girl and loves Riya. Riya only trip and fell." I reply to him.

He stares at me the whole time as I was talking. Am I like, some rare creature??

Oh wait, being reborn is rare. Hmmm.
So, yeah, I guess I am a rare creature!

I look up at him and see his eyes.
Woah, it's red. Is that where Eve got her red eyes from? It's pretty dark while Eve is light.

"Done staring?" Her father asked her.

I got startled and smile.

"Sorry, father!! It's just saw your eyes are red and I thought, So that's where Eve got it from!!" I true-fully said and smiled, with eyes closed.

But she missed the smile on her father's lips.

"I heard you're grounded too? For how long?" He asks her. He stood up from his chair and gave something to the waiter.

"E-Eve doesn't know?" I nervously looked down and fidget with my fingers.

"Hm. Is that so? Then, you're welcome back to the Vangelia Mansion. Pack your clothes and come back tomorrow. Someone will pick you up." He said as he left the room.

Leaving me speechless.

"Sigh, I guess I can't help it. I'll have to go back to those barking dogs!!"

With dead eyes, I head back to my rented home!! I cried so hard that day. I didn't want to leave the beautiful spacious house!! But, but!!! I have to!! For the sake of Eve, and a life!!


Okay, I guess. I just did school shopping! happy.

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