Twenty-Nine | Claire

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Wesley watched Zain as he held Claire's body close to his own. He stood there, the chains of light still attached to his wrists, tapping his fingers on his thigh.

"Come on, come on," Wesley mumbled to himself. "I'll burst into flames if I stand in this sun much longer."

Engines roared to life in the distance, growing louder in sound as the revving of trucks and motorcycles made their presence known.


"Zain! Get Claire and leave! And get these chains off of me!"

Zain turned his head only slightly, glancing at Wesley from his side. "What for?" He snuffled.

"Chaos! Those demonic pricks are coming!"

Wearily, Zain lifted his head to see a crowd of people rushing toward him.

A crowd of people circled around Zain, Claire, and Wesley, a cold, demanding look hidden deep in their black eyes

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A crowd of people circled around Zain, Claire, and Wesley, a cold, demanding look hidden deep in their black eyes. Their smiles were wide, and their teeth were sharp.

Chaos stared at all three of them in the middle of the circle, nearly all of them breathing heavily. The air seemed to drop in temperature around the three, weighing down on them, though Chaos remained unphased.

Looking around, Wesley recognized nearly everyone surrounding him. Except, they weren't themselves. They were... possessed.

Jet, the annoying little nag of a boy that had followed Wesley around everywhere, inched closer to him. "Wessss..."

A snake's tongue slithered from Jet's mouth, tickling the back of Wesley's neck, making him jerk backward. It was hard to fight while bound in chains. "Hey, man! Cut that out!"


"What? What do you want?" Wesley yelled out.


"Take it, then! You know I don't like running!" He tried to turn to face Jet, but could only move in circles. Jet was quicker than he was, moving swiftly around him.

"Takeeee..." Jet's tongue slithered out once more before he met Wesley eye-to-eye, staring at him through a dark void.

Jet's mouth widened into a thick, eery smile, showing off the sharp, red-stained rows of teeth that he had.

The rest of Chaos joined Jet, forming a smaller circle around Wesley.

"Shoot, shoot, shoot," Wesley mumbled. "I- I can't move. Can't...fight..."

Adrenaline flooded through his body as he tried to punch and kick at Jet and the others, but to no avail, as they all opened their mouths wide and lunged toward him. "Get... off! Off! Off..."

His voice trailed away as the smaller group took hold of him and his powers, leaving nothing left but the chains that he had worn on his wrists. "Moreeee..."

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