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This week is all about pampering yourself.

You deserve some relaxation.

I've been over working myself lately which isn't good and definitely need to relax too.

It's time for a spa day.

A lovely spa day at home!

We are pampering in privacy, (perfect for those of us that are introverts.)

Refer to our most recent  post in DIY with SGC for spa day body butters, lotions, creams, scrubs, foot soaks, and facial mask tutorials.

And refer to our newest post in Recipes with SGC for spa day snacks and drinks.

Let's get to pampering!


Step 1:

Preparing your spa:


1.Make sure your bedroom is clean.

It is hard to relax in a messy room.

2.Gather your supplies:


🏵️Body butters



🏵️Facial masks



🏵️Foot soak tub

🏵️Foot soak ingredients

Nail care products:

🥀Nail buffer

🥀Cuticle trimmer

🥀Cotton balls

🥀Nail polish remover

🥀Base coat nail polish

🥀Top coat nail polish

Hair care products:





🌼Hair ties


🌺Finger foods

🌺A tray or plate


🌷A Device to listen to music

🌷Books, magazines, and/or journal

🌷A writing utensil

🌷A blanket

🌷Headphones or earplugs if you'd like


🌹Your robe or a comfortable outfit or pajamas


🌈 Candles or a soft lamp


🌈Vases with flowers (optional)


Step 2:

Setting up the spa


1.Pick a relaxing spot in your bedroom to set up your spa.

2.You can lay a towel, blanket, or beanbag on the floor or you can just use your bed.

3.Set your food station up.

If using your bed, I recommend you set your food up on the nightstand or a table to avoid spills.

If sitting on the floor, you can set your snack plate on the blanket or towel for an indoor picnic.

4.Set your nail station and entertainment station up.

5.Organize your nail products and your entertainment nearby you; make sure to leave a spot for your foot soak tub.

6.You can set out your candles up, but don't light them yet.


Step 3

Pampering time!


1. Head to your bathroom taking your soaps, scrubs, sponges, towels, facial masks, body butters, hair products and hair supplies, with you.
Bring your device for music with you.

2. Fill the tub and put your bath bombs in.

3. Turn your music on and set your device on the bathroom counter.
(Keep it far away from the tub.)

4. Indulge in your bath using your pampering tools for your hair, face, and body.


Step 4:
To the spa


1. After your bath, apply your facial mask and body butter.

2. Put on your robe or pajamas then head back to your bedroom.

3. Prepare your foot soak.

4. You can now light your candles or turn on your soft lamp.

5. Relax.

Soak your feet.

You can start your manicure or do your hair, or you can wait for that and just journal and listen to music for awhile.

Enjoy your snacks and beverage, cuddle up with your blanket, and read your magazines or books.

Meditate on positive affirmations, Bible verses, or inspiring quotes if you like.

Give yourself a scalp massage.

Have a nice time pampering.


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