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(Y/N) was still in his bed sleeping and his alarm clock started beeping to announced that it was 7:00 in the morning. His vision starts to be clear when he opens his eyes but it kind of looks blurry and starts to smell something unusual.

(Y/N): Wait...what's that smell?

As he opened his eyes. He shoots up from his bed as the smoke alarm started smoking and he had to cover his nose and mouth with a cloth towel closed his eyes a little bit and started coughing.

(Y/N): *cough* *cough* What...What happened here? *cough* *cough* *cough*.

He gets out from his bedroom and goes down the stairs. He checks around to see that there is no fire in the house but just tons of smoke where he can't even see anything. So with no other option, he had to get around his place through his sense of touch. When he felt that he reached the front door. He grabs the door knob and thinks about that if he goes out, he'll just become exposed but he has to get out.

(Y/N): (*squeak* IT!!!)

He turns the handle and launches himself outside as he finally get to breath some fresh air. He gives a sigh of relief and he gets up to one knee. But when he looks up, he was in so much trouble.

Miyabi: Well now. Crawled out your own rock.

(Y/N): (Oh *squeak*)

Miyabi then draws her katana and points her blade right next to his neck.

Miyabi: Submit. Or else...

(Y/N) gulped in nervousness and terror where he is on the point between life and death. But just before he could say anything from his mouth, a little blizzard hit the Hebijo girls as they retreated but (Y/N) fell down on his rear and sees that the Gessen girls have arrived.

Yumi: Gessen, attack!

Each of them rushed to the Hebijo girls and started fighting them off. When (Y/N) sees that this is a window of opportunity, he quickly runs to the garage and sees that the girls from Hanzo Academy and the Crimson Squad are facing each other as well. He quickly gets into his car, starts the engine, and just drove off far away as he get from the carnage that was happening at his place.

Spongebob Narrator: One Long Drive Later

(Time Skip)

(Y/N)'s car has stopped by a parking garage by a movie theater as he very deep in the middle of the city. He takes a big deep breath and rests his forehead on the wheel over what just happened to him. Since that his place was been sabotaged and that he is out in the open, he'll have to find someplace else where he can hide. But he then realizes that he forgot something that he was supposed to bring with him.

(Y/N): Shoot! The Encyclopedia!

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