66: Ben and Kirstie

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"They're still going at it." Scott sighed as he walked into his and Mitch's bedroom, the brunette looking up as Scott closed the door behind him. "Kevin just picked Wes up and Arden is asleep."
"Where are they going?"
"Wes and Kev? A baseball game, I think. I just texted Kevin and asked him to pick up Wesley so he didn't have to hear Kirstie and Ben. Arden— that baby can sleep through the end of the world,"
Mitch smiled and nodded, glancing towards the sleeping baby next to him in bed. "She's so sweet when she sleeps,"
"It makes it so hard to believe that she's louder than a bull horn when she's awake," Scott chuckled and sat next to Mitch in bed. "What're you looking at?" He asked curiously, kissing Mitch's shoulder as the brunette reached for his laptop.
"Flight tickets to Hawaii. What island do you want to go to?"
"Uhm.. one with a nice beach and blue water. I love San Francisco but our beaches suck,"
Mitch nodded in agreement, "it's not a beach if we have to wear coats,"
"True." Scott got comfortable under the duvet, his head on the pillow as his arm rested protectively over Arden as she slept. The next time Mitch looked down, he was surprised to see Scott asleep and snoring peacefully.
Mitch continued to search through flight and hotel information until he heard the yelling stop from outside. Looking out the window, he saw Kirstie and Ben standing feet apart until Kirstie broke down into tears and Ben wrapped his arms around her.
He kissed her head and held her close until he rested his hand on her small, growing stomach. Mitch smiled when he saw Kirstie's smile grow. When she showed Ben the ultrasound photos, Ben felt his body shake with emotions; the tatted man sitting on the nearby bench as he looked down at the baby in the photo.
"And— it's mine? For sure?"
Kirstie nodded, "it's yours. For sure,"
Ben grinned, "beautiful. You think it's gonna come out with tattoos?" Kirstie laughed, sitting next to Ben as he continued to admire the photo. "I'm sorry for yelling. I— I just panicked."
"It's okay, I'm not mad,"
"Can— can I come with you? For the next ultrasound?"
"Of course you can. I have another in two weeks."
"When do we find out the gender?" He gasped. "I hope it's a boy!"
"We can find out at the next appointment, I think. What do you think we're having?"
Ben didn't hesitate, "Boy. My little man," he rested his hand on her stomach once more. "I love you, Kirstie."
Her chest tightened, "really?"
He nodded, "I— love at first sight, I guess." A blush creeped across his face. "You— you're my everything. Before the baby and after and—"
"You're not proposing, are you?"
Ben looked up, wide eyed. "Proposing? No! God, no. I love you, Kirstie, but I'm not ready for marriage. Marriage is terrifying; one big step at a time, please,"
Kirstie chuckled, "deal. Alright, let's go apologize to Mitch and Scott for yelling before we leave."
"Where are we going?"
"I'm nearly four months along and we don't have a single thing for our baby. I have a lot of stuff from Wesley and Arden, but none of it is ours."
Ben grinned, "let's change that."


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