Daniel Howell x Reader =grow as we go=

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Yes this is random but I love him so like

Your POV

Heartbreak. Honestly it's what shied you away from dating. Heartbreak from a friend was different but when you trust someone more than anything to the point where showing no physical contact ever isn't an option then you know that you love that person. The butterflies in your stomach, the constant need to show or feel affection. All of it was something that made your heart pound.

"I-I just think that... we should really t-take our separate ways, Y/N. We're still young and we don't know much. Honestly I just need time too... myself."

You say there's so much you don't know. That you need to go and find yourself.

Your breathing was uneven and tears threatened to spill at any moment. Dan closed his eyes and breathed shakily.
"I... I'm sorry." You manage to mumble out. This made Dan's heartbreak more than it already was.
"I know love. And I'm the one who should be saying sorry. I-I just think that I'm not gonna... find myself tied to someone else... as cliché as it sounds."

You say you'd rather be alone, 'cause you won't find it tied to someone else.

"I can help you Daniel." I speak softly like trying not to wake up a vicious tiger. "Growing doesn't happen on your own. They don't have any idea what we've gone and can go through."

Ooh, who says it's true? That the growing only happens on your own. They don't know me and you...

"I don't think you have to leave, if to change is what you need, you can right next me." I look him in his eyes, my eyes shone in the light from the tears in them. He expression changed from having his mind set to a confusing one.
"If you're high I'll take the lows you can ebb and I can flow and we'll take it slow... and grow as we go." My voice breaks during my last sentence.

"Grow as we go." He repeats.

"Look Dan, I Love you. That's something I rarely say and I know we're young. I'm unfinished. Just like you. I don't know how this world works yet. But.. I need you, we need us." I wipe the tears away. Dan just pulls me into a big hug and snuggles his head into the crook of my neck. He soaks my shirt with his tears.

You won't be the only one. I am unfinished, I've got so much left to learn. I don't know how this river runs, but I'd like company through every twist and turn.

Dun pulls away and looks me in the eyes like he's trying to decipher a puzzle.
"I-I can't promise anything. And I'm not begging on my knees but... we can do this." I choke out. I'm starting to lose hope.

Ooh, who says it true that the growing only happens on your own. They don't know me and you.

"I don't ever have to leave," he repeats from before,
You don't ever have to leave.
"If to change is what I need."
If to change is what you need,
"You can change right next to me." I gain more hope and I take his hands in mine. But Then his expression changes. It shifts to a concerned one. The one he wore when he thought his opinion was set in stone.

"I'm sorry," then he walks off. I'm quick on his tail.
"If you're high I'll take the lows you can ebb and I can flow and we'll take it slow. And grow as we go." I'm now repeating a little sterner. I'm worried. Scared I'm taking if to far. He turns around once again to face me. He looks at the hurt in my eyes, my red cheeks and stains from past flowing tears.
"How do you know we'll be fine." I bite my lip trying to think of something. "Exactly."

Grow as we go

Grow as we go

Grow as we go

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