41 - The Visit To The Village

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The Next Day

Kirt Heinrich

I laid there amid smelly puddles of excreta and vomit when I woke up. When I stared up at the hive above my head, I noticed that it had not fallen on my face. I heaved a sigh of relief when I realized that; for, I was allergic to bee stings. But while I was glad at that realization, I also realized that I couldn't move my body very much. I didn't eat anything for more than three days because of diarrhea and a strong fever that I had. As a result of that, my body was weak and my head was aching. It was a miserable experience there. Insects used to climb over my body, but I didn't have the strength to shoo them away. The only thing I could do is sneeze to get them away from my nose.

I never had a severe case of diarrhea like the one I had in that forest, in my life. Even though I suffered because of it, I was glad I had diarrhea: toxins were being eliminated from my body. If I didn't have a loose bowel movement, I could have died because of the toxins. Insects are definitely a dangerous food choice for a jungle survivor. It's easy to confuse edible insects with inedible insects.

Alice Boe

I stood for a while gazing at the river from the door, while Timothy was trying to catch some fish.

Timothy was able to catch a lot of fish. Since the day he caught one fish, he had been catching a lot. The fish he caught daily strengthened us. I was glad that eating raw food didn't make me get food poisoning. Nourished by the food I ate, my stomach stopped rumbling. I could clearly hear and see things.

The debris floating on the river reduced in amount and the water was moving at a slow pace. It was good news for us because a slower current meant easier access to fish. But, we could never trust anything in the rainforest. Anything could change in an instant, leaving us shocked by the change.

Wanting a break from watching the river, I decided to go back to my capsule and spend time reading. Books are always a portal to another world, a portal that helps you escape reality. They're a portal that gives you a new world to enter into. They help you enter a magical world that helps you forget the worries and troubles that you have in the real world. I needed to go into that magical world. So, I walked down the aisle to go to my capsule and grab a book. As I walked down the aisle, I greeted Tom and Rhett Finkleberry who were talking with AnnSophia. Shifaly was with Timothy, who was showing her how to fish. She was listening to what Timothy was telling her. Timothy always loved an audience. If you show that you're interested in something he knows about, you better get ready for a lecture on that topic.

Smiling as I thought about them, I unlatched the door of my capsule and opened it. My bag was on the bed. Looking at the bag, I thought, "Why not put on some makeup. I kind of look shabby." I grabbed my mirror from the bag and began combing my hair. Then, I put some lip balm on my lip. After confirming that I looked better than how I looked, with the help of the mirror, I closed the lip balm and put it inside my bag, followed by the mirror. I then pushed my bag towards the front of my bed. I then scanned the capsule for my book and saw that it was near my pillow.

Trying to reach the book, I stretched out my hand when suddenly something lunged out of the pillow, trying to reach my hand. Screaming I moved back rapidly, falling out of the capsule onto the aisle. Everybody came running to my aid. Shifaly and Timothy who were busy talking to each other stopped and looked at me. I was panting. As I looked at my capsule door in horror, I saw the head of the snake, with its tongue showing occasionally, come out. The snake made its way down onto the aisle, slithering past me. It was brown in color with black stripes. Slowly propelling myself with my hand, I moved up the aisle in the direction of the toilets, while I watched the snake go towards the door in horror.

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