Chapter Nine

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It had been a few days since Ethan had brought Charlie back to HQ. His cousin was taking care of the interrogation because he was better trained than Ethan, but he wasn't complaining. He wasn't sure if he would be able to do what was necessary. And if he was... it was a question he was fine with being unanswered.

But Ethan couldn't stand the uncertainty about how Charlie became a vampire. It was keeping him up at night because people don't just become vampires. And Charlie didn't seem to know any and Ethan couldn't see how any would've crossed his path and just randomly thought of turning him.

Ethan tossed back and forth in his bed for hours but still couldn't get the question out of his head. Eventually, at two in the morning, he couldn't stand it anymore. He pulled himself out of bed and made his way down to the computer room.

He started to run a basic background check on Charlie. Middle child with two parents. One a pediatrician and the other owned a flower shop. Apparently, it was passed down from his grandmother to his father.

There was nothing that stood out in his record until he got to something that happened last year. Charlie was in a car accident with his girlfriend. Both only had minor injuries but were kept in the hospital for observation overnight.


Vampires always kept close tabs on hospitals for blood consumption and possible recruiting. If Charlie was there overnight, they could've gotten to him there.

Ethan ran down the halls to the interrogation room and burst inside. He was surprised to see his cousin, Dean, in there in the middle of the night. He stood tall and menacing in the dark light holding a dagger with a red gemstone blade. Charlie sat strapped to a chair in the middle of the room. He was cut all over his body but no blood. His head hung low and he couldn't stop weeping.

"What are you doing here, Ethan?" Dean asked. He didn't turn his eyes away from Charlie.

"I just wanted to talk to him. Ask him who turned him."

Dean laughed. "You think I haven't already tried that?" He tightened his grip on the blade and slashed Charlie's forearm. His arm hissed as the blade made contact and Ethan saw steam. Charlie screamed at the top of his lungs and tears came down his cheeks.

Charlie looked at the fresh wound and saw that it was cauterized. Fire blade.

Ethan pushed past Dean and kneeled in front of Charlie. "I know that you were turned at the hospital. One of the people who worked there, right?"

Charlie didn't move.

"Just tell us who it was and this can stop." Ethan figured whoever it was that turned him was higher up on the totem pole than him and could have more information.

"I can't," Charlie said.

"Why not?"

"They'll kill me," he choked out.

Ethan shook his head and pointed back at Dean. "He will kill you if you don't give us anything."

Charlie looked up from his lap and looked dead into Ethan's eyes. "They'll kill them. My family."

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