40 - The Mysterious Disappearance of Rina & Kantuta

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4 Days Later

Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

While waiting for the postmortem results of the bodies that were found at the accident site, I drummed my table. Three days ago, my officers and I went to the site of the accident that was discovered by the woodcutter. Although we decided to postpone the investigation, it was soon brought to our notice that one of the victims might be a foreigner. Knowing that there was a probability that one of the victims in that car accident was a foreigner, I decided that investigating the case as soon as possible was the right thing to do because his/her family might be worried about his/her fate. Therefore, I preponed the investigation. The bodies were taken from the scene, but the wreckage was left at the site.

When we arrived at the scene, we discovered nobody had photographed the scene before the bodies were removed. Therefore, we needed to get the people who saw the wreckage before the bodies were taken out. Using them, we had to reconstruct how the crime scene looked before the bodies were taken out. While we were there, we made another discovery: we discovered that there was a truck, which neither the woodcutter nor the villagers saw, buried under the mud brought down by the landslide.

The case seemed like a tough case, even though it had a deceptively simple look. After observing the scene for a long time, we couldn't deduce anything. We couldn't categorize the incident as an accident, suicide or murder.

We got some of the villagers and the woodcutter to speak with the sketch artist. Then, we called in a 3D animator to help create a visual 3D model of how the crime scene looked before the landslide and how it looked before the villagers took the bodies out. The sketch artist helped the 3D animator with his task. We had taken pictures of the sight that day and the artists superimposed their models on our images.

Wanting to know if the driver was under the influence of alcohol, I told my assistants to ask the lab to analyze the bodies. While I was drumming the table that day, I was waiting for the results to arrive.

Alice Boe

We were living that day because a few days ago Timothy made a miraculous discovery in one of the capsules. He discovered some canned food that Kirt set aside as an emergency measure. We forgot about the canned food's existence. That food lasted for one day until we began starving again. We were also alive that day because we began drinking water from the river, even though the water had a despicable taste and smell.

The snake was still inside the capsule. We hadn't slept for five days because all of us were afraid that while we slept, the snake would slither into our capsules. So, we all kept vigil at night. I was afraid to touch my bags because I had a fear that the snake would have slithered into my bag, ready to deliver a surprise fatal bite to me when I open my bag.

Ever since the food in the can ran out, we kept ourselves going by biting our nails, swallowing our own saliva and dreaming about eating food. We were desperate. We hoped that food would arrive before one of us goes on a cannibalistic mania. Poor Timothy had been sitting continuously by the door of the bus ever since the food ran out, hoping to catch a fish or at least a worm. We were even ready to eat a cockroach if it came on the bus. We were so hungry. We tried our best to trick our bodies into thinking that we were eating something by chewing on leather, but that trick didn't help.

My body ached for nutrients. My kidneys were hurting. Reluctantly we answered nature's call in the toilets every day even though they were overflowing. My muscles were weak, and my ears were constantly ringing. I couldn't lift my body. An intense pain continuously gripped my stomach like someone was tearing into it. My stomach was screaming for at least one teaspoon of food. I am grateful that AnnSophia stopped me before I gulped down the ointment in the first aid kit, in desperation the day before.

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