chapter 1

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Walking down these white walls now disgust me. I absolutely hate hospitals but guess what my profession is ? I am a nurse. Could have been a doctor . The key word here is 'could ' . Tanya came running to me and said " There's this new patient in room no 301 . He is 92 years old and is grumpy as hell . I am washing my hands off him. He is your responsibility now. " I always have a way with older people. Here I come old mannnn!
As I entered the room I saw him laying on his bed with folded arms . He looked like a small child and the mere thought of it made me chuckle. He looked at me and yelled " what the fuck are you laughing at ?" I put the brightest smile on my face and said " I am not laughing sir , I am just chuckling about the fact that how can someone look so handsome even in their 90's"
"Dont u dare to lie to me !!! I will break this bed and will tell the management that u broke it ! Ha!!! "
I couldnt help but laugh again . " Okay sir I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I am Ms Kris Rodriguez . May I know your name please ? "
" Please ?"
"Pretty please ? "
"Please please ?"
" Ughhh just get out of my room you annoying woman!"
" I won't leave Unless u tell me your name "
" Ah fine my name is John now get out of here !! "
" Yeah sure just let me check your pulse rate "
" I said OUT"
I dashed out of the room frightened by his temper. Well I better take extra care of him. I then went on with my work.
12 hours later

yes yes finally ! I can go home now. Home . Home. Home. A place where people who loves u resides. A place where u find peace. A place where u can be who u really are and no one judges u for it. A place which welcomes u with a warm hug . I shook off my thoughts and went home to find myself alone in a crowded room yet again.

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