22: Uh Oh

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The game of Truth or Dare continued.

Vector was dared to prove his strength, resulting in him carrying Amy and Rouge on one arm, and Wave and Sonia on the other.

Tails admitted to having a small crush on Cream.

Wave was dared to give Jet a hickey.

Mephiles was asked if Fleetway was a cuddler, to which Mephiles said, "Absolutely. Fleetway has always liked hugging and cuddling. He's the perfect 'Big Spoon'."

(Of course, Fleetway denied being a cuddler, while hugging Mephiles.)

Knuckles had to admit that (besides Rouge) Sonia was still the prettiest girl he knew.

Shadow was dared to sit on Silver's lap. (Which had the two perfectly close enough for Silver to rub Shadow's "lower back".)

; )

Amy was asked why she liked Sonic so much, to which she couldn't answer, suddenly realizing that Sonic really didn't have many qualities that she found attractive.

Sonia was happy to be dared to kiss Espio on the cheek, making him turn pink yet again.

Fleetway was asked his most embarrassing moment, which was him getting an erection while Mephiles was sitting on his lap.


After a few more rounds, then some other games (including Twister, Just Dance, and Street Fighter), the party was over. Everyone left until only Sonic Shadow, Silver, Mephiles, Fleetway, Manic, and Sonia were left.

Once the other guests had gone, Sonic was going to make Mephiles and Fleetway leave. His thoughts were interrupted by Sonia's phone making the "Kim Possible" ringtone beep.

Sonia answered it, "Hey, what's the sitch?"

She listened to the caller talking frantically, then sighed. "Come on, you promised I could have this week off."

Then whoever called began crying.

"Ugh, okay, okay, calm down. I'll help, but you're gonna owe me double free time."

The caller was okay with this, and the conversation ended.

"What's going on?" Sonic asked Sonia.

"Well, it turns out that I have to leave. My friend is going through something and needs some help."

Fleetway, Mephiles, and Scourge knew that Manic was sad about this. The last time they'd heard someone say that they had to leave to help a friend, that person didn't come back.

"Oh, well, how long will it take? I mean, you just got here yesterday," Sonic said.

"I'm not sure. Regardless, I'll come back once it's done."

Once again, Manic had heard this before.

Sonia put her phone away. "Come on and give me hug. The sooner I leave and get this done, the better."

Sonic hugged his sister without much thought.

When it was Manic's turn, he strained not to cry. He did not want to let go.

But he did. And once he did, Sonia had to leave.

Silver noticed... Actually, everyone except for Sonic noticed the shift in Manic's aura. Manic was on the verge of tears.

Before anyone could do anything about it, Manic excused himself to the bathroom.

Scourge turned to Mephiles and Fleetway, "Hey, where are you guys staying? Do you live around here?"

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