39 - Francisco Adelante

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Kirt Heinrich

"Francisco?" It was Francisco Adelante who was moaning a few moments earlier.

"Kirt? Oh, Kirt!" he said as he came towards me, limping. He tried limping but collapsed and fell onto the ground. I ran to give him a hand. He took my hand and propped himself upon the ground.

When he propped up himself upon the ground, I began smelling a despicable stench. Searching for the source of the stench, I came across Francisco's feet. It was blistered with plenty of holes that had worms going in and out of. When a worm pushed itself out of a hole, he began writhing once again in pain as he held my arm tightly and screamed. His foot looked painful to me. Looking at it disgusted me. It was decaying and dying. The tissue didn't rejuvenate. The blisters and the swelling made the foot looked out of proportion. It was black. Taking my eyes off Francisco's feet, I observed his body. His hair color changed. His skin became yellow. He had grown very thin. I could see his bones sticking out in the areas near his face and his hands. The whites of his eyes were yellow like the rest of his body

Wanting to bandage his feet, I tore a portion of his already torn shirt and proceeded to tie up the feet.

"No!" he screamed before I could bandage his feet. "Oh no!" he muttered in pain.

Thinking he was just muttering in pain, I began to bandage his feet. As soon as the bandage touched his feet, he shook violently and screamed, "Don't!"

"Okay, Okay," I said as I dropped the bandage. He stopped screaming and moving violently when I dropped the bandage. He didn't want his leg to be bandaged.

There's no hope for his leg. It was decayed and dead beyond any saving modern medicine could do. His flesh was infested with maggots and worms that went in and out of his skin.

He then began coughing. I looked at his face, as I tried to rub his chest, trying to soothe the pain one feels when he/she coughs continuously. Droplets of blood fell on my face as he coughed. He was coughing blood. After he was done coughing, I wiped his face with the bandage. He coughed a lot of blood.

After he was done coughing, he mustered some strength and asked with a weak, stammering, dry voice, "Wh..Wh..Where...are...the...others?"

"I don't know Francisco. A flash flood hit the camp and I got carried away somewhere while the bus was carried elsewhere. I searched around the forest and couldn't find them anywhere," I said.

He began coughing once again. When he was done, I wiped the blood from his mouth. His pants were soiled by diarrhea. Some of his hairs began to fall off.

He made a gagging noise, as he propped himself up and clutched my hand.


"Yeah?" I asked as I held his hand.

He didn't say anything. He started coughing once again. That round of coughing was so severe that at the end of that round he vomited blood onto the ground. After he vomited, he lay on the ground, panting. I wiped his mouth for him.

"What happened, Francisco? Where are the others?" I asked as I held his hand.

"You...mean Bill and the ot..oth..others?" he asked in a weak voice.

"Yes," I answered.

"Th..Th...They," he began before sneezing blood. My face was sprayed with droplets of blood. "I..I'm ss..ss...so..sorry," he apologized.

"It's fine," I said as I got up and plucked some leaves from the nearby trees and wiped my face with them.

When I wiped my face, I sat down beside him.

He began telling me, "Being w...with Bill and Zach was a horrible experience. Bill, F..Fiona, Sss...Savanah and M..Mi...Michaela abandoned m...me."

His words were interspersed with long pauses that he took to take deep breaths.

"Wh..when they f..f...ound out that I h..had this dis..disease, they t..told m..me that they would take care of m..me b..but they abandoned me the next day. I woke up and the..they w..were gone," he said.

"When you were there were everybody alive and safe?" I inquired.

"B...Bill killed Zach with the help of Michaela," he said.


"B...Bill found out that Michaela w...was cheating with Z..Za...Zach and k.killed him by smacking his head with a rock," said Francisco.

He coughed twice before he wiped his blood with his own hand.

"And Jackson?" I asked

"He, Ca...Candice and David broke away f..from the group after Zach's d..death while I stayed w..with Bill," said Francisco.

I was shocked about what happened to Zach. Bill killed him by bludgeoning him to death after finding that Michaela and Zach were cheating him. And that Michaela joined hands killing Zach with Bill. Deep down I was also worried about Jackson and those who split. Are they alive?

After we spoke, I tried feeding him some termites, but he vomited them out.

We stayed up for a while until we slept.

When I woke up the next day, the sun was shining bright. I wiped my eyes and saw that Francisco was still sleeping. He hadn't woken up. Noticing that he hadn't changed positions ever since he began sleeping, I suspected something.

"Francisco?" I called, trying to wake him up.

I heard no response.

"Francisco?" I shook him.

His arm slumped to the side. He didn't wake up.


Still no answer.

Francisco died.


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