You know I'd be lying if I said I was a saint because I am far from it. You see what you are about to 

read is 100 percent true. This is my life and to be honest I'm a goddamn mess. For starters I've 

been to a mental hospital twice, I'm a borderline alcoholic, mentally ill, and I was raped. But I've 

changed for the most part. I've been sober for three months and I do not let what happened to 

me in the past define me. No my parents or authorities do not know and I want to keep it that 

way. I was hated in high school but I've kept a strong head on my shoulders and if anyone had 

found out about what had happened to me I'd be walked all over. Sorry for that dramatic 

introduction, but that's me in a nutshell. Anyways I go to Augusta University in 4 days! I'm clearly 

not ready. I know what you're thinking.. Girl where the hell are your parents? Mental hospital 

wtf??? Raped? Why won't you tell anyone? My parents are military and my immediate family are 

in South Korea right now eating authentic ramen. Yes, I was in a mental hospital. I'm bipolar af 

and I act out irrationally and I am a danger to myself and others. No I don't take my medication 

like I should and you would notice this later in the story. I'm fine. Or at least I think I'm fine. I 

haven't self harmed in months but I'm ok. I promise. I moved on for the most part. Ok I'm lying 

but only a little. After I was raped I instantly thought I would be able to move on and start over 

but I was wrong. A cute guy named Evan Richardson offered to have sex with me in the back seat 

of his car after school. Everything was fine in the beginning but then it wasn't. Everything 

happened so fast. When he was on top of me alI could think about was what happened the last 

time I had sex and the next thing I know I started crying. I felt awful. Fast forward 6 months later 

we are not friends anymore and we don't talk to each other. Which is kinda my fault because I 

blocked him on snapchat but yeah he was kind of an asshole so I kinda don't regret that part. 

What i do regret is him not knowing why i cried after having sex with him. He never asked me 

why so I never brought it up. I haven't had anyone touch me since what happened that day in 

the car so I guess my sex life is dry and also my social life as well. I am so not ready for college. 

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