an unfriendly welcoming

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We were directed by guards for both pairs of maids to head to our assigned prince's chambers to follow upon further instructions. Rosie was my partner maid as such and we were both instructed to head to the prince's chambers but I could tell instantly with her fingers fiddling she was as anxious as I was. She had vibrant ginger hair that was short just coming to get neck with a wavy look, she had light baby blue eyes and fair skin. She was stunning in the white and gold garment and clearly had the art of seduction something many women had but I lacked.

She broke the silence as we walked down the halls "I really adore your attire" she blurted out and I smiled "my aunt made me wear this but I normally wear more colorful garments" she added with a sigh. I chuckled "my mother tried to convince me to wear a white and gold garment such as yours but I put up quite the fuss upon the idea of it, I must admit it suits you well" I complimented and she smiled and thanked me.

It wasn't long before we came across the prince's chambers, Rosie knocked lightly on the golden intricately designed doors and one swung open with a glaring raven-haired prince "what do you want?" he snapped. She swallowed and I spoke up "we are your newest maids prince Loki" he looked to me with a brow raised "very well" he said and stepped aside as we both quietly entered. "I need my armor shined and cleaned, my sheets need to be tended to aswell," he said firmly and we both nodded. I was about to go to his bed when he stopped us "uh uh uh, you will change into these" he said holding out two identical maids like outfits. 

I grit my teeth faking a smile as he smirked at my reaction obviously getting a rouse out of things, Rosie was quiet and silently nodded "yes prince Loki" I said through gritted teeth trying not to spit out his title. I knew we couldn't wear our own garments but just the smug look on his face sent me spiraling.

we both made our way out of the room and back to our own silently, we were to share a room, it wasn't a huge deal

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we both made our way out of the room and back to our own silently, we were to share a room, it wasn't a huge deal. We entered the white room, it had two beds either side and to the left a bathroom,  I got changed in the bathroom and Rosie changed in the main room. The fabric was grey, short taking it to the knees. I found the cuffs and neckpiece uncomfortable but I supposed it was because I never wore outfits like this. 

We each tied up one another's corsets both of us showing signs of uncomfortably. "off to a great start huh?" I teased and she sighed "yes, I never wear garments such as these but it is the prince's orders and as maids, we must obey" she said. I nodded in understanding and we headed back to his chambers, he sat on a chair by a fireplace in his room reading a book. We both bowed to him as we entered and he glanced up then back to his book showing no care. 

I fought back a scoff at his arrogance but knew better than to piss off a prince so high up. Just do as a maid does follow orders, everything will be fine Megan just, don't flip out I tried to reassure my self. I tended to the bed as Rosie carefully took Lokis armor hanging up and stood up while cleaning it. I wish I had the authority to allow her to sit but I knew that Loki wouldn't allow it and Rosie was smart enough to know this thankfully. 

I carefully folded the white sheets over once then twice perfectly overlapping them as my mother had taught me, I fluffed each pillow laying them neatly on either side of the head of the bed. I noticed his room was fairly bland, there was an oak dresser, a closet, a large double bed in the center with golden poles going close to the ceiling with an overlay of emerald fabric draping over.  A fireplace with 3 love seats placed in a circular formation around a glass coffee table in the center too. Loki sat on a recliner in green velvet while reading a brown leather covered book his shoes propped on the small table. The fire was light and weak, it wasn't too cold to have a roaring fire either so it was understandable it didn't need to be fed. 

I knew lunch was approaching and Maids were to remind the royals, "Prince Loki?" I called after I had finished he glanced up from his book with an icy glare "what is it?" he snapped "your afternoon meal will be served soon" I said as kindly as I could muster. He slammed his book shut catching Rosie off guard and she jumped slightly, he stood toweringly high. He approached me and my breath hitched he was really intimidating from this angle "you are to follow after me to wait for me to finish" he said flatly turning on his heel toward the door. 

As I trailed behind him I kept my head low to the ground but glanced to Rosie who was still shining the armor and she gave me a worried glance. After a short while he spoke up "what is your name?" he asked his hands clasped neatly behind his back "Megan, Prince Loki" I said softly, nervous I would get in trouble. "speak up when I speak to you, understood?" he demanded looking straight ahead and I balled my hands into fists at my sides thankfully he didn't see "yes prince Loki" I managed to choke out louder.

I glared at his back as I noticed his slight smirk on the side of his face finding it amusing, I bit my tongue harshly 'don't snap, don't snap, don't snap. I really need to get my temper under control if I am to be serving a royal. No wonder they call him the god of lies and tricks. bastard'

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