Chapter 17

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"Jorge! I-It's not what it looks like!" Benji called out, trying to catch up with the boy, but soon slowed to a stop when he realized Jorge probably wanted to be left alone. He honestly didn't know what to do. Benji felt like the relationship he had with the gardener was flourishing, but for some reason, things in his life never worked out. Even if he was set to be King. 

Footsteps echoed behind him before a voice spoke out. "Your Highness, are you alright?" It was Fiona, wrapped up in an emerald gown, that fit her red peachy hair perfectly. She looked concerned, which was well deserved since Benji was standing in the middle of the hallway, face as red as a strawberry. "You look sick, did you eat this morning?" She leaned close to his face and put her palm to Benji's forehead. It lingered there for a while before Fiona took her hand away. "You do feel a bit warm..."

"I'm sure I'm alright, but thank you." Benji gave a tight smile before returning to his neutral face. 

"My father required me to take first aid classes, and you don't look fit to be up and at it today. I could assist you to the nursing quarters?" Her cheerfulness was too difficult to deny so Benji just nodded yes and put his arm out for Fiona to take. She did. 

As cheating as her touch felt, it was almost comforting. Even if he just wanted to be on the friend-side of things, having her there felt nice. It made up for a bit of the uselessness feeling Jorge gave him earlier. But it wasn't Jorge on his arms, was it. 

"So, I didn't see Haley here today, is she okay?" Fiona questioned, being purely worried about the other princess. 

"Oh, I honestly have no idea, her and Elenor left the palace. I don't think they were right for me." Benji could've sworn he saw the edges of her mouth perk up a bit. They matched step patterns while hand in hand, strolling down the decorated carpeted halls. "I haven't actually gotten to know you, tell me a bit about yourself."

"Oh! Well, I don't have any other siblings so it got a bit lonely back in France, but our palace wasn't required to be that big because it was never full. I guess if I get sent home, I'll be forced to marry for connections. It'll suck, but I'll live." Her shoulders drooped as she shrugged. Benji noticed this and stopped in his tracks, bringing his hand up to lift Fiona's chin. 

"Hey," Benji met her eyes, trying to spark what little connection they had. "I don't think you're going to be sent home any time soon. At least I won't. I personally think you're the best girl here." 

"But what about Camilla?" She was visibly searching her mind for excuses to bring out.

"We're just friends, I don't see her in any romantic way." 

Mostly because she knows I'm gay.

"Oh, okay." The two reached Benji's room, unlocking the door before stepping inside. A waft of airconditioned air flew into their faces, giving Benji and Fiona a breath of fresh air. She brought her hand up into his forehead, almost visibly cringing at the heat. "Here, take off the sweater, it's not helping, I'm sure." Hesitantly, Benji thrusted off the orange jumper, throwing it over his shoulders. Almost right away Fiona noticed the purple splotch on his neck but chose not to say anything straight out.

"If you're wondering, it was from Haley, who left this morning. Or last night, I can't remember." His cheeks were going pink as he talked, but Benji couldn't figure out if it was because of the hickey or since he was shirtless. 

"It's alright, it's what I signed up for." Fiona gave a half-smile, before ushering the other boy into his bed. Benji climbed in and Fiona sat on the edge, swiping his messy hair out of his face. She leaned down and placed a kiss onto his forehead, and Benji made a sound he couldn't figure out.

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