Chapter 20 - It's Not Your Fault

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Stacked against her hip like that of piled laundry, the folders tucked in Mia's arms began to laugh at her, it seemed. Hyenas cackling at the sight of her crestfallen face, a roar goodbye to what was left of her American run.

Everything — almost everything — was set.

Mia had left Tanya's office in a hurry to accomplish the forms left for her. Some were mere formalities, others were bits of drafts that needed to be finished before she could leave. Compensation had been finalized, giving Mia the legroom she needed to adjust once in London. A starting bonus, airfare, and temporary housing, which was, in other words, yet another hotel. They were all accounted for, but she had declined an overpriced suite, stating that a friend had offered a place for her to stay. Tanya didn't question it further.

Returning to her desk, Mia released the documents from her worn grip and sat down, letting her arm relax as the minor ache ensued. She turned to her left and stared at the empty chair behind the neighboring desk. Ines had called in sick, and it was unfortunate, because Mia yearned for her company. She needed to tell her what had occurred over the weekend, and perhaps the venting would help soothe some of the tension on her shoulders. But it wasn't going to be today.

Her phone vibrated in the long drawer right across her torso, an irritating buzz that made the chipped lock shake. She rolled her swivel chair backward, opening the compartment with ease. It was a text.

Text Message
Today 4:57 PM


Hello to you too, Dickie.


You're out of marmite.

Gtfo you're lying!!

There was a lot left this morning.

That was before I got hungry.


Mia looked up from the screen and chuckled to herself. She rolled her eyes, remembering that she had left out a jar near a fresh loaf of bread before heading off to work. Oddly, it was already late into the afternoon as well, nearing dusk. But then again, it was Richard.

When food met Richard. When Richard met food. It made sense to her.

How about this:
You be a kind soul and buy some more.

I'm not from here though.

Where the hell am I gonna find more?


Alright, much thanks.

I'll buy you 10!

Smirking wickedly, she locked her phone and placed it on the surface before facing her work pile again. She withdrew the folder at the very top and opened it, grabbing a pen simultaneously.

"Overtime?" A woman said to her as she passed by. Mia recognized her: the evenly bronzed skin, the vivacious black hair, and the lone dimple on her left cheek when she smiled. She knew that she was from a different department, however, so she couldn't match a name to the face.

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