Chapter 37: Detention

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Lucy's P.O.V

I silently groan and look at the clock,


Out of the corner of my eye I see Natsu slowly get out of his chair and walk up to Mr. Powell's desk.

They talk for a few minutes before they both smile and nod. Natsu strolls over to me and motions for me to stand up.

I look nervously at Mr. Powell and back at Natsu before standing up.

He grabs my backpack and his own and walks out of the room. I stand there, mouth wide open as I stare blankly at the closed door.

I look back at Mr. Powell and he smiles and motions for me to follow Natsu.

I slowly begin to walk towards the door, looking back at the teacher with every step.

I eventually make it out the door to be met with a seemingly very irritated Natsu.

"What took you so long?!" He yelled but didn't yell.

"Why did we leave the classroom? What did you say to Mr. Powell?!" I answer his question with a completely unrelated question.

He sighs. "I just told him about he project we've made ZERO progress on! He agreed to let us leave the classroom to work on it."


"SHHH!!" Natsu put a hand over my mouth and I licked it.

He cringed and quickly pulled back. "You're disgusting..."

I chuckle slightly. "Let's just get started..."

I reach into my backpack and pull out a few art supplies. Paper, markers, colored pencils, construction paper, pencils, erasers, stencils, scissors, glitter, glue, glitter glue and few other things.

"Let's start with our first photo for the album!"

"Wait, what?"

I take out my phone and make Natsu pose for the picture.


"Natsuuuu! You didn't smile!!" I whine

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"Natsuuuu! You didn't smile!!" I whine.

"That's the best you're getting." He mumbles while crossing his arms.

"Come ooon!!" I beg, scooting a little closer to him.




"Just a teensy little smiley-wiley??"

"What? No!"

"Natsuuu, come on!!"


I sigh. "Ugh, fine..." I mumble.



We talked about the project and pretty much just planned it out. We decided to start working on it tomorrow.

Natsu walked me home and I plopped right down on the couch as soon as I went inside.

I'm so tired...


Sorry for another short chapter! See y'all in six days!

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