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(Girl we Got a) Good Thing - Weezer


I sat bolt upright in bed as the alarm in my phone went off. I had been dreaming that I had been chasing someone through the woods and every time I got close enough to reach out and touch their fluttery, pastel shirt, they would pick up speed and disappear again. I had been sweating, too. My bare back leaving a dark imprint on my sheets. "Gross," said a small voice to my left. I swung around to find my younger sister, Zoe, staring. Her eyes widened as I reached slowly for my pillow. She let out an ear-piercing scream and scrambled out of my room as I flung it at her, yelling, "Get OUT!!"

I showered and thumped down the stairs to find my mom and three siblings sitting around the table, sticky with syrup. "Ben!" My mom cried, wiping her mouth carefully, "Happy last first day of school!" I grimaced, bracing myself for the pictures and hugs and syrupy kisses. My mom was a crier. As sentimental as they come. "Is Hannah coming to pick you up?" She asked. I shook my head, stuffing a whole waffle in my mouth and roughing up Thomas' hair. "Walkin'," I told her around my mouthful of food.
"Well can I at least get one picture before you go? And Benjamin, maybe you should put on something nicer. It's your senior year. Nike has yet to sponsor you, I think it's okay to wear something else." She dusted crumbs off my t-shirt.
"You look homeless," Zoe piped up. At 13 years old, Zoe was the scrunchie queen of her Junior High and subsequently appointed herself the fashion police. I stuck my tongue out at her.
"Picture, Ben?" My mom asked again.
"One," I told her, "only one."

I arrived at school just as the buses were pulling out after drop off. It was a warm morning and the sun was hot and I could feel my cheeks flush. I spotted Hannah's car already in her usual parking spot and snuck up behind it. She was sitting in the drivers seat, as per her usual morning routine, and carefully applying lipgloss. Crouched low, I crept along the side of the car then jumped up, smacking my palms on her window. She let out a piercing scream and flung her hands over her face as I doubled over in laughter.

"Jesus Christ, Benji," She hollered, rolling her window down, "I about shit my pants!"
"Mm, sexy," I purred, reaching in and pushing a piece of her golden hair behind her ear. She smiled softly. "Good morning, beautiful," I said, knowing it would immediately make up for my mischief. She blushed pink over her collarbones and fixed the thin strap of her dress as she climbed from her little red car. Hannah and I had started dating just before school let out for summer 3 months ago. She was fun, bubbly, and Instagram gorgeous. Not a lot going on upstairs, but her dimples made up for that most days.

"Ready?" I asked, holding out my hand for her.
"Ready," She beamed, shouldering her backpack and slipping her fingers between mine. As the bell ring, we exchanged a glance. I took off running, pulling her behind me as she giggled and complained that everyone was going to see her underwear.

I slid into my desk in my advisory block just as the tardy bell rang. My teacher gave me a dirty look, but said nothing. We kept the same advisor all throughout high school and after 3 years of my near-misses, not much phased Mr. Howell anymore. My best friend Simon reached across the aisle and slapped my knee. "Hey, man," he whispered, "Trevor's having a back to school party this weekend. Parents are out of town. You in?"
"For sure, my man," I answered with a fist bump. Simon opened his mouth to say something else but was cut short by the classroom door opening again.

"Ah," cried Mr. Howell, "They said you would be joining us this year! You must be Jorge. From Barcelona, right?"

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