That One Time I Met Captain America

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             Emma stood there awestruck at the superhero lounging on the couch. "I hope you don't mind that I let myself in, no one was home." he said.

         "Ya...Sorry to kick you out, but it's not really a good time." She said starting to walk towards her bedroom

          "I saw the news, you're an orphan. You can't stay here, you know?" Cap's voice rang out

       Deep down she knew he was right. She was only a sophomore. Her parents had no family that she knew of. Emma eventually gave up and sighed, sitting on the couch. "Ok I give up, why are you here?"

    After telling Emma to call him Steve, he explained the situation of the Sokovian Accords and Bucky's situation. "There is gonna be a fight. And I want you to help out. It is all your decision though. If this goes wrong each and every one of us could die."

     "I'll do it, but I have one question. Why me? There are probably hundreds of people who can do the same job as me, maybe even better." Emma asked

         "We are short handed. We need anyone who can and is willing to fight. But I also have a question for you. Why did you agree so quickly? It is no secret that you have had a rough day." Steve finished

        Emma's eyes started watering "I need to help. Everything could've been different today if I had helped. My mom always used to say the same thing whenever I messed up, everyone makes mistakes, but what you need to do is learn and grow. I'm growing and I don't plan on letting anyone else get hurt if I have the power to stop it."

     Steve nodded his head "Kid, whatever happened today wasn't your fault. Things happen. What's important is that we don't dwell on it and let it control our future. We don't know each other yet, but I won't let you down Emma. We can do this together."

     Emma looked up, a small smile forming on her lips. "Let's go"

        They both got up and went to the buggy that Bucky and Sam were sitting in. She opened the door and sat by Bucky who was looking at her skeptically. "Steve no offense, but she's a kid. What good can she do?"

       Emma laughed to herself lightly and got out of the car. She used her levitation abilities to lift up the car Bucky was sitting in. "Ya just kidding Steve, she will be perfect."

Putting the car back down, Emma got in. Steve got in too and before she knew it they were on their way to Germany. The car ride was interesting to say the least. Her and Bucky played about 100 rounds of rock paper scissors,Sam would yell at them to be quiet, so Emma and Buck would be louder on purpose, and they also all participated in a game of 20 questions to learn more about the girl. Most of them being about her powers.

         Bucky couldn't help but absolutely adore the 15 year old. She reminded him of himself when he was younger. He knew she lost both her parents today, yet she still laughed along with them. She was strong, and Bucky admired her for it.

     "So squirt," Bucky started "Do you have any kind of superhero name? Or costume?"

         Emma's eyes widened "I never really  thought about it. And I somewhat have a costume."

"Hmmm how about Electra? You know, because you can shoot electric charges out of your hands. And it sounds pretty cool" Bucky proposed

         She smiled "Electra. I like it" Emma looked up in the rearview mirror to see Steve smiling at her. She smiled back.

           Eventually they made it to the airport where the hangar would be. "Alright everyone suit up" Steve's voice rang out.

         Emma grabbed her suit out of the trunk and went to her own separate area to change. It was her first time actually putting it on, not having a reason to previously.

 It was her first time actually putting it on, not having a reason to previously

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 She walked out and all eyes turned to her. Finally Bucky spoke "Ya, Electra definitely fits" He said and Emma laughed slightly.

         That was when Steve got intel that Tony was here to take him and Bucky. He pulled Emma aside to talk to her "Emma, you can go now and forget all of this, this isn't your battle to fight, but if you wanna stay you, will be a fugitive." He said.

      "Listen Steve, I'm here to help. And I'm not backing down." Emma stated firmly

      Steve nodded and patted her on the back slightly. They walked back over to the group where she was greeted with Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, and some random guy named Scott. "Alright guys, this is the fight of our lives. Those people are our friends. But they are on the wrong side. And we have to be ready for anything." Steve said looking at each of them.

        They nodded their heads, signaling that they were all ready. They all started walking to where they could find the hangar, expecting to meet Tony Stark somewhere along the way. They made it to the lot, and it didn't seem like they were going to get caught. She breathed a sigh of relief. 

       But Emma became comfortable too soon, suddenly a whole group of superheroes landed right in front of them, taking her by surprise. Steve and Tony started talking but Emma didn't really listen, she was too busy analyzing each person standing before her. Black Widow, Rhodey, Vision, and the Black Panther were all looking at her, preparing for a fight. Steve's group outnumbered Tony's by two but that didn't mean this would be easier.

        Emma finally zoned back into the conversation to hear that they were talking about her, "Seriously Steve? You are making this kid a fugitive. What happens when she is caught and put in a high security prison for the rest of her life? Huh, Rogers?" Tony said to Steve

         Steve spoke next "She decided to be here Tony, and trust me, she can handle herself."

      A few more words were spoken until Tony called out  "Alright I've had enough of this, underoos!" And before she knew it a bright flash of red and blue swooped in and used something to take Steve's shield from him. The masked figure looked up, his white eyes going in and out. "I guess they aren't that outnumbered after all." Emma thought to herself and prepared for what was gonna be the first fight of her life.

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