Black-Hearted Puppets

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A diabolical killer awoke on Friday
He took a morning piss
Brushed his teeth, got ready
To kill a bunch of us

He traveled across the Lone Star state
Driving carefully to his destination
Fueled by hateful rhetoric
Violence his seat mate

"Send them back!"
He mouthed to himself
They're invading our country
Taking our jobs, infesting our cities
He reasoned

Unaware that he was a puppet
Of evil men on high
Who pulled his strings, made him dance
A willing subject to kill and maim

What could have made a young man
With hopes and dreams he did aspire
Commit a heinous act of evil
Burned into him like hell fire

Everyday folks like you and me
Going about their weekly mundane tasks
Unaware that their last breath
They would draw aghast

People running here and there
Seeking a safe place to hide
Hearing the shots ring out
Listening, terrified

As their lives flashed before their eyes
They prayed to a God for deliverance
Imagine their shocking surprise
When their life was quickly ended

Who will comfort the loved ones
That are left to pick up the pieces
Orphaned boys and girls
Letting out heartbreaking shrieks

The foundations of "this great country"
Built upon the backs of slaves
Immigrants who defied death
Only to get early graves

Our leaders jump on social media
Offering their "thoughts and prayers"
Those tired and useless statements
Won't help the empty stares

Thus this cycle is sure to repeat
Again and again and again
Until we ask decide "ENOUGH!"
And take a final stand

Religion, gender, race and sexual identity
None of these matter to the puppets
Who seek to rob us of our lives
No regard for our humanity

It's time to raise our voices
And demand that something be done
Before we're all wiped out
By a puppet with a gun

I urge you to search deep
Find that heart of courage
Set it free with all of your passion
Let it rise, grow and flourish

For if we sit idly by
Many, many more of us
Are likely to


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