The Internship

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Chapter 10

Emilia's Perspective

As we took a seat in Headmaster Smith's office we didn't know what to expect. At this point we could be expelled, we could be suspended, I just needed a shower before class.

"Now girls, I must let you know that what just happened in there is very inappropriate and will not be tolerated on these grounds," he says looking between each of us.

"But you aren't in trouble," he finishes leaving us sighing in relief.

"Then why were you so harsh in the cafeteria?" Jenifer questions to him.

"I still need to keep a stern image," he laughs to us, "Can't have students thinking they can take advantage of me."

We both turn to each other laughing nervously, "Hahaha yeah... but why is it that Madeline isn't in here with us?"

"Let's just say there's certain parents I need to keep happy," he explains while rubbing his face.

"Well it's wonderful to hear that if she ever really needed to be dealt with you wouldn't do anything," Jenifer says in a sarcastic tone.

"I know it's not right," he begins, "but frankly it's not up to me, certain families have a long-standing history with the school and they decide what happens around here."

"You girls seem like bright young individuals and I think having you here will help some of our students see a new perspective on things," he says with a smile to us "Just be careful who you mess with around here."

Jenifer and I head out of his office feeling relieved that we weren't punished but a little frightened at what he had told us. It sounded like really, we weren't safe at all. We'd just have to be careful from now on.


Feeling showered and refreshed I entered my Fashion Design class for the first time in a week. I was feeling ready to get to work on my design, already feeling the stress as I knew the show was only a week away. I was going to need to come up with a design, and fast.

I walked in and was more than happy to see Zayn in his usual area where we would be sitting. Only this time I noticed another face in our class.


I approached Zayn and settled in as he began to say, "I heard what happened at lunch, you good?"

I smiled at him, "I'm fine, just now starving."

He laughed, "Well I hope you came to work cause the show is in a week and most of us are already gathering materials and are on the first layers of our pieces." When he said this I slowly began to freak out.

Then I remembered, "Trust me I am, but my question is what is she doing here?!" I say nodding in Madeline's direction.

"Not sure, she showed up this past week, something about a new career path. And that she needed this class for credits?" he says to me shrugging.

Professor Rose then entered the class everyone going silent, "Alright everyone, another day has arrived you should be in the process of now gathering your materials and beginning the measurements and first layers of your pieces. I expect quality, originality, and something that shows me what you can do as an artist." With that everyone stood from their stools and quickly headed towards the back of the room which was the studio area. Mannequins lined up, tables for measuring and cutting, sewing machines, racks and racks of fabrics each a different shade, and a closet which I'm sure held even more supplies and accessories.

"Emilia Navarro, would you come here," Professor Rose calls from her desk.

As I approach her, she continues to stare down at her work and computer not even budging to look up at me when she spoke.

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