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It was the day of the presentation and I was a complete mess. When I woke up I put on my shirt inside out, and shoes on the wrong foot. I was even trying to go out in a sweater when it's about 80 degrees outside. Let's just say, I wasn't exactly at my best today.

"You will do great Hunter, stop worrying so much," Mel said. I looked at her completely confused, she knows this presentation affects our final grade greatly, so why is she so calm?

"You know this can affect our grade, right?" I asked her, she just gave me a small reassuring smile.

"Of course I do, I am just trying to stay calm if I let all my worries out I might commit a big mistake and fail," she said.

"You are absolutely right, I need to calm myself down", I said looking nervously at the floor as we walked to school. "What if I fail?" I asked looking at her, Mel just sighed heavily and grabbed both of my shoulders.

"Listen, Hunter, you will do great. Now if you keep talking about this, I will slap you," she told me. She then let me go and kept on walking, I was still feeling a bit nervous.

"What if-"



I held my right cheek as it still stings by the slap Mel has given me. I could feel as if my cheek was red or I was just exaggerating everything.

"Hey babe," Adrien said as he swung his arm around my shoulder.

"Hey," I said as I kept caressing my cheek.

"What happened?" Adrien asked removing to see my cheek, his face then displayed anger once he saw I assume a fingerprint or redness. "Who smacked you?" He said, his tone filled with anger and malice.

"Don't worry about it, I kind of deserved it anyway," I said. I removed his hand from my face. The anger in his face didn't fade, it seemed like I might have annoyed him even more.

"What you mean you deserved it? The person who did that will deserve my fist," he said dramatically. I sighed, I wonder what he would say if I tell him my mom did it.

"It was Mel, she did it cause I was annoying her, mostly about the project," I said. His face still seemed annoyed, I don't know if I can handle his anger today."Stop worrying about it, I already have too much on my plate right now".

"Fine," he said after a sigh and then hugged me suddenly. A few seconds later he then parted away from me, not without grabbing my hand. "Are you ready to present today?" He asked me, we have already entered our classroom and you could feel the tension in the air.

"Not really," I said lowly as I walked to my seat. Adrien sat next to me and held my hand in hopes to calm me down, his thumb caressed my hand softly succeeding in calming my nerves.

"Everything is going to be alright Hunter," he said. I just wish he's right.

"Okay class, so who's going first," Mr. Johnson said. I only took in a deep breath.

Here we go


"Oh my God we failed," I said with slight fear in my voice. Mel shook her head as Adrien just chuckled by my dramatic reaction.

"You did great Hunter, you even did better than us," Mel said.

"She is right, at least you found your presentation without any problems," he said with slight disappointment.

"And who's fault is that?" Mel said with a rather creepy smile towards Jaden, he looked away from her and fake coughed.

"Yours," he said as he coughed.

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