thirty nine

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A/N: hey since I'm so cool here's a new quick and short (sorry!) update bc even I get annoyed with my cliffhangers. enjoy!




"So Zayn's already got a new doll?" Evie asks me, putting all the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

"Well, I'm not sure. He told me that night he's already found someone, but I don't know if he's got her yet." I shrug.

Evie turns the washing machine on, and stands back up, "Do you know who?"

"I have no idea. But apparently we would most likely know who she is"

"Ooh. Who do you think?"

"Well, I don't know... Maybe Beth?" I say.

Evie's eyes go wide and her eyebrows come together, pulling a confused and shocked expression... And that's when I remember and realise that everyone except me and Niall think Beth is dead and gone.

"Just kidding!" I fake laugh, and Evie uncomfortably chuckles.

Evie and I go out of the laundry and meet the other girls in the living room.

Evie and I part, Evie taking a seat on the cream coloured sofa and I sitting next to Lola on the three seater black leather couch.

"Did you girls hear? Everyone's meeting at Louis' tonight to meet Zayn's new doll." Liz says, braiding Dakota's long, silky, golden blond hair.

"Really? When?" Macy asks, pouring herself some tea from the kettle.

"Tonight at five" Harry says, walking in and sitting next to me.

"What's the time now?" Juliet asks Harry.

Harry looks at the grandfather clock in the corner, "3:50"

"We should get ready" Liz says to the girls.

Harry watches us walk out of the living room, but calls me to come back for a second.

"Yeah?" I say, walking back over to Harry.

"I'm sorry for a few days ago... You know, at Niall-"

"It's not your fault. And it's ok, Mina paid the price."

"Yeah, but Juliet..." Harry trails off.

"I forgive her. We're okay now."

"Alright. It's, like, something's always happening with you, Holly"

"I'm gonna go back up with the other gir-"

Harry cuts me off annoyingly, "Dolls."

"I'm gonna go back upstairs now"

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit, darling."

I walk upstairs to meet the girls. As normal, clothes are thrown around everywhere, and girls are over the place applying makeup.

I walk into the gigantic wardrobe. I feel so girly and excited every time I walk in here. Designer accessories, expensive clothing, glamorous gowns, extremely gorgeous shoes, and of course, diamonds. Diamonds. Diamonds.

I pick out my outfit, a white singlet, matching with a classy pale pink cardigan, and a slim, short, cute black pencil skirt and black pumps.

For my makeup, I decide to not overdo it this time... Just settling with a thin line of eyeliner, and bright red lipstick.

After all the girls and I are ready, we go into the limo, all ready to go to Louis'.

| Louis' Dollhouse |

"Hi, Louis! Where's Zayn?" I greet and ask Louis.

"Hello, love. Zayn is with Elsie."

"Ooh! Who's Elsie!" I nudge Louis.

"Why don't you ask Zayn?" Louis puts on a small smile and points over to Zayn. His arm is wrapped around a seemingly happy girl. I walk over to him.

"Hey, Zayn." I greet Zayn.

"Hi, Holly. This is Elsie." Zayn says, smirking.

I take a proper look at Elsie. She has pretty, shoulder length blond hair, pale snow skin, and sparkling blue eyes. She's wearing a short, slim, long sleeved purple dress that shows off cleavage.

"I'm Elsie, how are you?" Elsie says, calmly.

"Hi, I'm Holly, one of Harry's dolls."

"So, how'd you know Elsie was going to be your doll?" I ask Zayn.

"Well, I actually used to be one of Zayn's dolls. But, he let me escape. He really cared, and I promised with everything I had to not let anyone know of The Dollhouse. And... Now I'm back." Elsie explains, a chilled and collected tone in her husky voice.

"Well... Are you happy to be back or?"

"Actually, yes... I am. I've always loved Zayn and y'know things aren't exactly perfect in my real life."


The moment between Zayn, Elsie and I goes silent and awkward. Us all just staring at each other.

"Uh, I'm gonna get going now and meet all the others..." Elsie says, plainly before leaving. She seems like such a calm and collected person.

"She is beautiful, Zayn." I say.

"Yeah, she really is."

"Why'd you let her go?" I ask Zayn.

"I just... She wanted to, and she was so much different than the others. Best, worst and riskiest decision ever. I actually felt love for her... Still do."

Zayn and I chat for a bit, before heading to the dining table to meet everyone for dinner.

I sit next to Elsie and Macy at the dining table. I want to know more about Elsie, what she's all about and stuff.

"So your time out of The Dollhouse; what did you do?" I ask Elsie.

"I'm obsessed with art. I just drew and painted and stuff y'know. I applied for a really sophisticated art school called Sientistic. It's super, super hard to get in."

"Aw, you didn't get in?" I sigh.

"No, actually. I haven't heard back yet."

"Oh, okay. Well, I hope you get in." I smile.

"Me too. All my life I've always wanted to be an artist."

For the rest of the evening, Elsie gets to know me and the other girls. She's so laid back and beautiful. There seems to be nothing wrong with her, but then again, you can never be sure in The Dollhouse.

A/N: so, Elsie is Zayn's new doll! She's played by Margot Robbie.

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