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Playing basketball alone at a ridiculous hour gave me the greatest feeling of freedom while I was staying at BigHit. Along with the mesmerising moon the small lights lit up the hoop and mini court.

I could see Suga walking towards the court but I continued to shoot, ignoring him.

Ever since I arrived here he's the only member of BTS that's been cold with me. He has no reason to dislike me I only just arrived! I don't understand this boy I try to be nice to him but he's just plain rude!

He strolled past the court and watched me take a shot. I missed.

"You didn't follow through"

"Who asked you?"

He scoffed and began to walk off

"Hey!" I called.

He turned around and began walking towards me so I threw the ball forcefully into his stomach

"Ugh!" He said barely catching it.

"Let's go."

We played a competitive one on one shooting match in which I scored four times and he scored six.

I knew that he was good at basketball but not that good.

I fumbled with the basketball in my hands " you want to get a soda or something?" I asked

"um...yeah sure, that'd be great" he replied

We awkwardly walked back into the dorm kitchen and I pulled out two cola bottles from the fridge.

I returned outside where he was swaying on the seat swing.

I handed a bottle to him and sat down an assuring distance away from him on the swing.

"Hey Laura?"


"Why do we fight all the time?"

What a stupid question. He was the one being rude to me all this time I haven't done anything wrong so how would I know?

"I don't know, it's just something we do I guess"

"Oh well I was just thinking...because I think you're a really nice girl"

I gave him a weird look then looked down at my untouched cola bottle I was twiddling with between my hands. What is going on? I thought he didn't like me being here.

He suddenly put his arm against the backrest almost around me and shuffled a little closer. I felt really weird. I slowly looked up at his face. He was staring into my eyes.


"What" I said almost impulsively.

"CanIkissyou" he murmured quickly

"What? But I thought that-"

His lips were on mine before I could even finish my sentence.

My eyes widened as I saw his face millimetres away from mine and took in what was actually happening...our lips were interlocked.

What is happening? Why was it lasting for what seemed like minutes? Why was I not pulling away? I wasn't kissing back I was just frozen. I luckily got a grip of myself and pushed him back quickly.

"Dude what the hell!"

He looked at me blankly

"Why did you do that? You know I like Jimin, you don't even like me! You acted like such a jerk towards me and now you think you can just go ahead and kiss me? What is your problem?!"

His face turned a little red and he looked down into a frown. He seemed more upset than angry as I would have thought.

I walked off angrily through the dorm to my room.

Why did he have to kiss me? This ruins everything. Jimin would never want to be with me now Suga did this. How can I tell him this happened without him thinking there's something between us?

I switched on the light in the living room and was slightly startled by jimin standing by his bedroom door looking very distressed.

"Whoa Jimin you scared me"

He seemed to not care what I said but replied with "Suga yeah?" In a sarcastic tone.

"What? No you don't understand-"

"Oh no I understand perfectly fine. Don't worry about it" and he entered his room and closed the door behind him.


What just happened?

Everything is ruined. It's all a misunderstanding, why did Suga have to kiss me god dammit!

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