chapter nine

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a.n: i edited chapter one, so feel free to reread. i didn't add much, but what's important to know is that lindy also has a sister.



Three months have passed since I said yes to being Nate's wife. Madison and Isaac are getting married in two days and tomorrow is the bachelorette night. Nate and I have made so much progress in our own wedding plans and I honestly couldn't be more happier about it. He even picked out a dress for me, in hopes that it'd be the one - and it really was. I was in absolute adoration of my life in this current moment.

Cameron fully recovered a few weeks ago and he's been really into it with family stuff. He met his little boy not too long ago and they've established a good relationship. Logan stays with him on the weekend now; it took me a while to accept but it's happened. A very hard conversation was had on explaining the concept of co-parenting to Logan and the fact that he has two fatherly figures in his life now. Being the independent and well behaved boy he is, was completely understanding - which was strange. But of course, he was a bit confused with everything at first, though who can blame him? The boy just turned 8 and life is a long rollercoaster.

Isaac and Maddie's wedding is taking place in Hawaii. It's going to be a small event with just close friends and their parents, then a bigger and a formal post-wedding celebration back home with the more distant friends, family and co-workers. The actual wedding is quite big, even though it's a small group of people, on a beautiful island. The expenses would shock you. They insisted on covering the whole thing, but we all managed to pay for our own travel there, on the same flight, before the two would intervene.

Logan and Ellie are going to be babysat by Isaac and Madison's parents for the bachelor and bachelorette night. A dinner at a nice restaurant on the beach then bedtime for the little ones, ready for the long day ahead of them.

I had just found out that Isaac and Cameron have had a long term friendship. I was in disbelief at first, because I had no knowledge of the friendship during nor after my ex marriage. They were those type of friends that were very close though didn't see each other often but when they met up, it was like no time passed and you catch up from your previous matters with ease. This also meant that Cameron was invited to the wedding. It's not my place to be affected by this, but it so happens to be that way.

I just constantly wonder how it affects Nate as well. Cameron hangs out with the group sometimes, and I find it somewhat odd. He fit in with the group pretty fine, but it's just a bit difficult seeing him from never to most days now.

You know, we're just going out for dinner one night. It's Madison, Isaac, Ellie, Anna, Sam, Nate my fiancé, Logan, and myself. Oh, also, my ex husband.

It definitely is a case for adjustment.

The weather in Washington is ice cold. Winter has approached, Christmas has passed and the new year is brewing close. The time is midnight, on the 28th of December. All of our flights are at three AM, so we had exactly three hours to do some last minute prep and jet off to the airport.

Logan was dead asleep, so I carried him into the car and buckled him in, before helping Nate with the last suitcase. I got into the drivers seat, to start off the car while he did a the lock up of the house. I stuck my phone to the windscreen as I received a FaceTime from Sam, then began the drive to the airport.

"Gooooood morning!" Sam shouted, as Anna shoves her face into his phone.

I groaned, "Hey guys."

"Remind me why we picked a flight at 3AM? I am drained." Anna whined.

"To be honest, I wasn't looking at the flight time." I admitted, while pulling out of the neighbourhood. I was on the main road, heading onto the highway.

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