Chapter 2- Rage Issues

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I was kissing Jeff, and he was kissing back. My best friend, and I love him. He pulled away for air, and smiled, making is cut smile bigger.

"I love you Alex." he said, staring into my eyes, is was staring back into his.

"I love you too Jeff." I sat up and hugged him. "come on, we need sleep now I think." I say giggling.

"Good idea, wanna sleep with me tonight?" He asked.

"Of corse!" I smiled and ran into my room and got changed and then tip-toed to Jeff's room. I knocked and he let me in, and smiled, that's when I realised he wasn't wearing a shirt, so he was showing off his our white abs, and I have to admit, they are smexy. I sat on his bed and he sat with me. I stared into his eyes again and he stared back before lying down and pulling me down next to him. We got under the covers, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, and i snuggled in close.

"Goodnight Alex." he whispered

"Night Jeff." I have him a quick peck on the lips then started drifting off, in the warmth of Jeff's hold.

When I woke up Jeff was still asleep, his long, black hair sticking up in all directions. I giggled lightly, standing up, causing Jeff to wake as well.

"Morning Jeff." i say, as he sleepily rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

"Morning Alex." he replies back, yawning. He sat up and swung his legs over the side and walked over to me, placing his hands on my waist. I giggled and put my arms around his neck. He leaned down and started kissing me, and I kissed back, when the door burst open, to reveal Helen.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING JEFF?!" He yelled, pulling him off of me.

"What the fuck Helen?!" I yell at him, pushing him.

"Why were you kissing him Alex?"

"Because she loves me Helen!" Jeff yelled, putting his arm around the back of my waist.

"No this can't be real Alex really?!"

"Look, just because she is your daughter doesn't mean you choose her life choices!!" Yelled Jeff, then quickly covered his mouth.

"I'm what?!" I yelled. Am I really Helen's daughter?! He said that both my mother and father died in a fire!! He has been lying to me for this whole time?!

"What are you talking Jeff? Helen is this true?!"

Helen hung his head down, is if in shame. "it's true Alex, Im your dad, that's why I have always been so protective of you."

I felt like punching him, but then I got a more important question in my head "where is Mom?"

"Sh-she did die, I-I burned her and Masky... Masky is a proxy, so he was lucky. But (y/n) wasn't as lucky. I'm so sorry Alex."

I actually did punch him that time, then I ran out of the room, stepping on the now lying on the ground Helen, running out of the front door, and into the woods.

I kept running until I came across this burned building, with the body of a woman amongst the rubble. Was this my mother?

"ALEX!!" Yelled Helen from behind me, Jeff not too far behind Helen.
"Is this her?" I ask him, as he gets where I was. I hugged Jeff as I saw Helen kneel by the woman, crying.
"Why? Why did you do it Helen?" I asked.
"I have something to tell you Alex."
"You're the next seer."

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