Electric Love

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~Six years later~

I walked toward the big blue building, where I would spend the next 8 hours. At school. The snow crunched under my feet, making me pay attention to where I was going. Which was good, considering I was about to walk into a pole. Well, I thought, it wouldn't be a first. I was constantly not paying attention to where I was going.

Suddenly, something my lower back, almost my butt. I spun around, only to see Shaylen and Kelsey, my 2 best friends, running to catch up.

"There you are! We've been looking for you, i texted you 9 times!" exclaimed Shaylen.

"Really?" I ask, and then grab my phone from my jacket. "Oh." Sure enough, I have 5 missed messages. I dismiss them, so it doesn't say I have unread messages. It drives me up the wall. Seeing I have a message, but not checking is one of my pet peeves. Honest to god.

Kelsey rolled her eyes, and started talking about Jake. Her crush since the 9th grade. I zone out, staring at a bush in the distance.

"Scar! Are you even listening?!" Screeched Kelsey.

"Of course," I mumble, still staring at the bush.

"Then what did I say?" She says smugly

"You were talking about how gorgeous you think Jake is." I know this for a fact, because Kelsey is always this.

Shaylen starts laughing at us, then i start giggling, but Kelsey doesn't, she's still upset that I wasn't listening.

We continue walking, no one saying anything now. The only sound is our boots crunching the snow, and our breaths.


The slam of the heavy wooden door sends a chill down my spine, but I don't look up. I don't bother seeing who the person is, until I hear my english teacher clears her voice, announcing that we have a new student. They talk for a bit, and then I hear my name.

"You can sit over there, beside Scarlette." Says Ms. Gibson

But still, I don't look up, but curiosity kills me, and before I know it, I'm staring into the new boys beautiful eyes, they are a bright, burning green.

"Do I... Know you?" He asks slowly, like he just woke from a very long sleep.

"Jace?" I ask fearfully, maybe it is him, maybe it isn't. But surly my thoughts are wrong, and this is not Jace Mason, my childhood best friend. A hundred wonderful memories enclose my mind.


And the next hour is spent laughing about our childhood years.

"Remember when you got stung by that bee! You cried for 4 days!" I laugh even harder at the memory.

"Hey! It hurt! I still have scar from it!" he says as he rolls up his sleeve, and shows me a little dot on his right arm.

"Wimp," I tease.

Riiing, riiing.

The bell goes, and its time for our next class. I don't want him to go, ites been years, and ive missed him.

"What do you have next?" I ask.

"Physics." He replies thoughtfully. "Ya know, Scar, I've really missed you." Then he grabs me into a big hug, crushing me into his muscular chest.

"I missed you too," I say while squeezing him back tightly.

"Hey," Jace says, after he lets me go, "Why don't you and I go for lunch today?"

"That sounds good to me, meet me by the front stairs at lunch." I answer him. "See ya then, Jace."

"Later, Scar." I hear a smile in his voice. I cant stop myself from grinning too.


I walk to my next class, which is art, it was a good class, and an easy A. Which is why I toke it. Dragging my feet to my chair, I sit down, and start thinking about Jace. He has changed so much, and yet he is still the same. His appearances, his voice, his eyes, are different from what they used to be. But his personality remains entirely the same.

I was still thinking about him when something-or rather, someone- interrupted my thoughts.

"Miss Knightly!"

Huh? "Oh, hi Mr. Beck."

"Please pay attention to the lesson, Miss Knightly."

I mumbled a quite yes, and continued to daze off into space, my thoughts returning to him. The next hour and a half go by quickly, and before I know it, the bell rings for lunch.

I garb my books, shove them into my Etnies backpack, and walk out the door. I set off towards my locker, and people get in my way, but I don't get annoyed as I wait for them to pass. I continue walking, when i get closer, i see my friends Kelsey and Shaylen waiting for me.

"Heey guys, I can't go to lunch with you today."

"Why not?" Asks shay,

"Because I'm catching up with an old friend, and, speaking of, there he is." I smile and wave at him, he's with a couple other guys, talking.

"Wait a second 'him'?" asks Kelsey suspiciously .

"Yeah, he's right there". I point to him, and they instantly turn around and start gawking at him.

They look like idiots.

They are idiots.

There my idiots.

"OHMIGOD, Your going out with him?!"

"Um, yeah?"

"Jesus woman, do you realize how friggin sexy he is!?" Exclaims Kelsey, rather loudly, in my opinion.

"Um, gotta go guys!" I make my escape then. I'm walking toward him when he says goodbye to his friends.

"Ready to go?" He asks politely.

"Yep." I respond.

Jace leads the way to a bright blue, sleek Porsche. Holy shit,I think, that's a nice car.

"Is this... your car?"

"Ha-ha, yes." There's a small smile playing on his lips, like he's enjoying my reaction.

"Wow, most people I know drive piece's of crap." I explain.

"Well, I guess I'm not most people." Definitely a smile, an extremely nice smile at that.

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Also. When they were ten, jace moved away. This is him moving back. To clear up any confusion. :D

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